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  • Pnina Tornai
    Israel World-famous Wedding Gown Designer

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    Actually, I never wanted to be a fashion designer when I was growing up. I wanted to be an actress, which I was in my home country. I truly believe that the profession chose me instead of me choosing it. It started with a dream that I had one night where I could see the most amazing dresses falling down from the sky. I laid down on the lawn and I looked at those dresses and I could see every single detail. And I woke up that morning and looked at the sky and said, 'God, I understand what you're saying - but you're going to have to help me. I've never studied fashion!' And here I am 26 years later. When I actually first came to Kleinfeld, they didn't like my dresses. And they didn't want them. And I left and I cried all the way back home for 10 hours on the plane. I said 'This can't be happening to me. I will be one of the most influential designers.' And it happened. I'm so happy that my story can inspire people who are discouraged by one event or the other. My story tells people not to give up. Today I am Kleinfeld's number one designer - selling more than 10,000 dresses a year at Kleinfeld alone.