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    “Feminism’s greatest obstacle in the digital age is the commodification of women’s bodies.” Facts, 1 thing you won’t see any decent Woman or me for that matter do. You won’t see us around those that commodify Women because honestly bottom line ultimately one can’t fully trust them because they have a warped mentality of what a Woman is, what makes a Woman, what they think a Woman is suppose to be, act like, look like etc. It won’t be long before they start treating a Girl or decent Woman the exact same way they treat the females there accustomed to being around. It won’t be long before they start disrespecting, calling you a b__ or a h_ or treating you like one. So for any grown Woman don’t put yourself in that position , you can’t change them and 9 times out of 10 they don’t want to change. They like the way they live and look at life. Just know if you step in that realm fully aware of what it is those lines of respect become blurred very quickly and the compartmentalization goes out of the window equally as fast because it boils down to a head and heart change that has to happen before they can see Women for what they are not the distorted image they have of Women. Nobody can do that for them. Those with that mentality and lifestyle have to want it but it’s not for good decent Women to mess with it, allowed to be talked into it, or manipulated into because that’s a whole other level of hassle one doesn’t want on that in their life. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 💖🙏🏽