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    Do you know what job sharing is? Read the following story by our CEOs Anna Kaiser & Jana Tepe and comment below. Let's start a conversation on the future of work and equality! ------ "When we founded Tandemploy.com three years ago, our aim was to revolutionize the whole talent attraction process by helping people and companies to realize job-­‐sharing models. We were convinced that by offering this flexible working model, companies would be able to enlarge their target group — by no longer ignoring half of our society, i.e. all those who do not want to or simply cannot work in the classic (and totally inflexible) full-­‐time model: young parents, the elderly, people with chronic diseases, disabled people, freelancers, those doing time-­‐consuming voluntary work, students… The list is long. It turned out that we were on to something. We launched a platform to connect people interested in job sharing with suitable ‘tandem’ partners and flexible companies, and the success stories very soon started to come in."

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