Safety @ Work

Safety @ Work is a tool that enables you to safely and anonymously report misconduct in the workplace, which are automatedly sent to multiple stakeholders within your organization.

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What is Safety @ Work?

With Mogul's position as a trusted platform for millions of women, collaborating with over 18,000 HR Leaders across the Fortune 1000 and top international organizations, Mogul's transformational tool Safety @ Work enables us to continue creating safer, more diverse workplaces worldwide.

Developed in collaboration with top VC funds, Safety @ Work enables employees of participating companies to log in and anonymously report incidents of misconduct, such as sexual harassment and sexual assault, to multiple HR leaders & stakeholders at one time.

1 in 2 women will be sexually harassed in the workplace; yet only 1 in 4 will report it. Safety @ Work's anonymity functionality largely addresses the issues leading to under-reporting including fear of retaliation, reports going unaddressed, lack of awareness of where and how to report it, as well as allowing bystanders to report what they witness.

Our network consists of the top workplaces and cultures across the globe. Want to learn more? Email us here.

What the Press is Saying About Us

  • “Mogul's Safety @ Work tool overcomes the four challenges of underreported sexual harassment and abuse.”
  • “The tool HR has been waiting for.”
  • “One of the top providers in 2017.”

For every $1 Mogul earns, Mogul provides a free education to 1 woman in need through our international partners such as UN Women.