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    Securing the digital user experience in the ever-changing application ecosystem


    Open & direct: Communicate openly, be transparent, share ideas, make timely decisions, take action, keep it simple, & Own it!

    Passionate & Committed: Demonstrate Passion, Accountability  & Commitment to employees, partners and customers Demonstrate Urgency, partner with customers and build long term relationships.

    Innovative: Challenge technology, accept no boundaries. Integrate Innovation and quality to fulfill customer needs

    Ambitious:  Aim high, be a leader, seek opportunities, create value. Strive for continuous improvement & Growth

Diversity & Inclusion

    Radware's Corporate Social Responsibility ambassadors span across the globe to share goodwill and pay it forward.    

    Our US team hosted an Angel Tree to provide new clothing and toys to children. 

    Radware Israel hosted cyber sessions in which we enriched students with knowledge, practical experience and corporate culture. 

    Our French team ran in support of an organization working in international solidarity, specifically in child development. 

    Radware Asia assisted in rebuilding a middle school after an earthquake, as well as, sponsored scholarships and school uniforms for students. 


    Absolute Commitment to our Employees, Customers and Shareholders.

    We make the Extra Effort, We Lead by Example, and We Stand by Each Other.


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I am a mogul.