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Y'all Need Cheeses Tee

Puns aren't just cheesy, they're gouda.

Are you a foodie, chef or dedicated cheesitarian? Then you need this shirt for when you want to spread the word of cheeses. Give it to someone you love and if they're sharp they'll think the tee is grate.

This unisex cotton t-shirt from Gildan is adorned with a graphic of a stained glass window depicting a cheese plate. The holiest of cheeses, Swiss, can be seen down front. It's the perfect cure for the bleus.

Fabric Content:  100% Cotton Jersey

Available in unisex sizes Small to 5XL.

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Alternative Fashion and Body Positivity Advocate

My name is Jenn and I am the owner of Valkyrie-Apparel.com. My job title is officially chaos management artist because I bring order to chaos with flair. I fall into the subcultures of goth, punk, steampunk, gamer, geek and nerd. Don't ask me about video games, I prefer low tech, paper, pencil dice [...]

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