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Writer/Director Lola Rocknrolla Debuting Blaxploitation Comedy Series “Nefertitty TV”

Teaming Up With Writer/Producer/Filmmaker Sibyl Santiago’s ‘Sitting Cat Productions’ and Director Nicholas Brooks (Son of Comedy Legend Mel Brooks), The Series Will Follow The Adventures of A Badass, Ass-Kickin’ Crime Fighter Starring Maine Ander’s and 30 Rock’s Kevin Brown

From the campy, demented, B-Movie Maven brain of writer/director Lola Rocknrolla, Director Nicholas Brooks, and writer/producer/filmmaker Sibyl Santiago: the tale of a giant afro havin’, spandex wearin’, kung fu kickin’, potty mouthed, badass crime fighter is setting its sights on Network TV!

Currently shooting its first pilot which includes stars Maine Anders (Pariah, Miente, My Normal, The Warriors- Xbox), a world-renowned actress and burlesque performer having toured the world as “The Maine Attraction”, along with 30 Rock’s own Kevin Brown. The project is currently looking to various networks to pick it up as a series. 

Nefertitty is the superhero we all need right now. As the country gets more and more divided, Nefertitty stands up for the little guy. She will karate kick a racist in the face so you don't have to! Coupling all to the amazing visuals of NYC and her own badass theme song, suckers in the city better run- ‘cause Nefertitty’s got her fists and a huge ass gun! If you feel bullied or wrongly accused- Nefertitty private eye is there for you. Much like Foxy Brown before her, Nefertitty is here to tip the scales of injustice without an afro hair out of place!

“You sick of what’s goin’ on? Nefertitty is here to right the wrong!”

WATCH: Nefertitty TV Opening Credits

“Lola Rocknrolla is New York’s answer to John Waters”- Broadway World 

“My kind of filmmaker!” - Lloyd Kaufman, TROMA

“Lola Rocknrolla is back with cinematic screwballery” Dallas Voice.com 

A lover of blaxploiation 70’s cinema, as well as horror/comedy and monster movies- Lola Rocknrolla has directed Emmy winning PBS shows; music videos, off off broadway shows, and 6 short films. Her short films have been in festivals worldwide (Outfest, Feast Australia, Paris Feminist Festival, Ann Arbor, Tromadance), while her films based on Nefertitty (Nefertitty and Nefertitty in Space) have been featured in Philadelphia's African American Film Fest, the Coney Island Film Fest, San Francisco’s Frameline Festival, New York’s Underground Film Festival, as well as having two sold out shows in New York’s Anthology Film Archives!


For the “Nefertitty TV” IndieGogo Campaigne, VISIT:



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For Press Inquiries, Contact: Rick [AT] RickEberle.com

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