Work on the weakness factor

When you want to clear your interview, you need to keep an eye on plenty of different factors. Clearing an interview is no easy task because you need to take into thoughtful consideration a hoard of factors. One of the common questions which is often asked by the interviewer is pertaining to your weakness. Ever wondered as to why your interviewer wants to know about your weakness? The answer is simple – they need to see the things you believe you are weak at.

Your interviewer really wants to see how you perceive your own personality. This is important because no company wants to hire someone who is short on confidence and doesn’t rate himself in good light. You need to be confident and also list your weakness in such a way that it doesn’t expose any major flaw in your mode of working.

The right tips

When it comes to the best tips which you need to follow in order to ensure that you make a good impression, here are some points I want you to know.

Do not list any major flaw. No one is out here for charity. No company is going to hire you if they find that you have some kind of major flaw. So, you need to smartly understand what you should answer and then you need to accordingly act on it.

Ideally, you should make sure that your answer comprises of one neutral weakness and two weaknesses which are minor enough that they can be ignored. If you end up telling a major weakness, your interviewer will obviously think of other alternatives and they would want to see if there is someone else who would fit the requirements in an even better manner.

Also, you should showcase the kind of attitude which says that you are willing to work on your weakness. Do not have too careless an attitude as it won’t serve the right need for you. Your focus should be to help your interviewer feel that despite having a few weaknesses, you are still the best option they have. Ideally, the strength which you posses should be so strong that it would justify the kind of weakness you already have.

When you can manage to do so, it would create a good enough impression and might just help you win the interview round. Remember, confidence often plays the key clinching factor here and the more confident you are, the better it will be for you to win the interview and even the job.

Use these points, read more tips if needed, gather the right knowledge base and implement it for the right results. We believe that you have it in you to succeed.



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