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Why a News app for your online magazine?

Have you missed reading the newspaper today? Well, thats not a problem in todays time. Just catch up on the news on your smartphone while travelling to the office. Smartphones are being used so extensively today from shopping to ordering your daily morning coffee, almost everything has gone digital. 

So why shouldn’t someone utilise this huge potential to expand his business. Whether it is an ecommerce business or education or news or media, every type of business that has online presence are moving towards having a mobile app developed for their business. Therefore, the native patterns of selling paper magazines and online magazines are changed to more of a mobile version of magazines what we call news apps.

To succeed in this competitive world, one has to catch up with the trend. Almost all biggies – TOI, HT, USA Today et al have switched to digital platforms to expand their businesses. Right now, apps are the most useful commodity for man and what better than your daily dose of ‘Jugglehead’ right in your phone. 

Here we discuss some of the characteristics of news apps that can prove to be a boon for your online magazine. 

Effective advertising

While turning pages in a newspaper, we often get frustrated reading ads than real news content. More than often, this results in newspapers losing their readers thus suffering a huge loss.

One way out of this would be to create a news app where users can view their desired content without having to surf through ads first. The Huffington Post’s app, for example, runs ads along with its articles: The ads don’t stand out from the news content. The only thing that differentiates ads is a ‘sponsored’ mark and a direct link to a product page.

Revenue Generation

Your news app doesn’t only bring in more readers but also revenue. There can be many ways to earn revenue through your mobile app.

  • In-app Advertising: most people get irritated by pop-up ads and most wouldn’t even give a second glance to banner ads. But one way out of this is to showcase sponsored articles right below the general article, or show a video in the bottom of the page. It will not even annoy the reader, deviate them from the main content and also show up the advertisement.
  • Subscriptions: if you have a good reader-base, this technique can help you earn good money. With a large amount of data available free today, subscriptions can generate data if your customers know that your content is worth the money else in most situations it hasn’t proven to be that successful. 
  • Events: news magazine can collaborate with various event managers and sell tickets to their concerts, shows etc., to generate considerable income.

Social Media Presence

With the whole world connected through social media today, it is easy to make your presence felt. People who don’t read newspapers or follow daily news, most often than not would get to know about it on social media. So, why not leverage it to increase traffic to your page. Create an account – post daily updates. Promoting your magazine article on such social media app can bring you large audience. A news app can also have a feature to allow your readers to share articles on their social media apps. This way you can improve readers’ engagement on your magazine and trigger sales of your magazine subscription. 

Easy Navigation

In a mobile app, all the categories are segregated and one can choose to read from whichever category he desires. This makes a centralized place to view articles of all genre. Moreover, in an app you can highlight the relevant articles in the bottom of an article. Also, you can place a section of live videos, or breaking news, reader can easily access to it. 

Lively content 

One gets constrained in making news articles creative in the print medium. But that problem gets solved by a mobile app- By offering various types of content a mobile news app can differentiate itself in the saturated news market. 

  • Audio: One can listen to audio clips of various speeches of politicians, actors and delegates around the world. Also, audio facility provides a way to listen to news when reading it isn’t possible.
  • Video: a video or a picture is more impactful and takes lesser time to get the message across than reading the whole article. Videos of mass protests, fests, parties can be made available via the mobile app easily.
  • Infographics: reading statistics in a paragraph in the newspaper is not the same as reading a piechart, bargraph etc. Infographics are perfect for mobile platforms because they quickly inform readers about the most important facts of a news story in a more entertaining way than reading a whole article.

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