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Which is the best methodology- scrum or waterfall?

The market for technology is ever evolving. One needs to catchup otherwise he would fall behind in the trend. This also includes new software development methodologies that are coming up in the market. So whats left now is for startups to decide which methodology is good for them and what would suit them the most. 

This decision isn’t just taken based on the requirement of the project but several other factors that include your budget, timeline, deadline and the expertise of the professionals involved. Let us make this easier for you by giving you an in-depth review of both the methodologies and let you decide which suits your business the most – Scrum or waterfall?

What is scrum?

Being a popular framework, Scrum reduces the project complexity and enhances focus on developing products rather than focusing on the small details that lead to the development of the project. 

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In this framework, iterations of fixed length known as sprints that take one or two weeks by the team to deliver software module on a regular interval and parted features require approaching using an agile methodology. The four main ceremonies of Scrum that provide structure to all sprints (project steps) that include sprint planning, daily stand-up as well as sprint demo and presentation. For the period of each of the sprint, the team utilizes visual object to demonstrate progress and get gradual feedback. 

The Key Roles of Scrum are:

  • The Product Owner – The person who represents the company.
  • The Scrum Master – The person who defines three ceremonies that include Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum and Sprint Retrospection. He known as a team facilitator and not a team leader or a project manager.
  • The Scrum Team – The team is responsible for the development of the project.

Why to use Scrum?

1.Enhanced Responsibility of Each Team Member 

As there is no project leader to assist the Scrum team, it becomes a collective responsibility of each team member regarding the work that need to complete in each sprint. With mutual understanding, it requires to assist each other in work and accomplish the task together. It enhances team collaboration and gives authorization to each team member to work independently and efficiently. 

2. Increase Project Visibility

The Scum Team need to make daily meetings that ensure the team to know what each member is doing that reduces confusion and unnecessary arguments. It makes easy to find any issues in the initial stage that helpful for the team to work out prior to it becomes intricate. 

3. Make the Amendment Simple 

Using the small part of sprints and regular feedback, it becomes simple to deal with necessary amendments. In case, if the owner needs to add any fresh feature in the sprint, they can add it easily in the succeeding sprint at the time of the meeting of backlog refinement. 

4. Need Short Time to Market

 The incremental delivery system make possible to reduce the time to market the product that help in boost revenue. There are through testing at each sprint prior to move to the next sprint makes it foolproof. The testing conducts right through the process that enables team members to change the project scope at any time.

Know About Waterfall 

The waterfall model is also known as a linear-sequential life cycle model which is very easy to comprehend and use. In this simple model, it requires to complete each phase fully prior to proceed to the next phase.

The Key Advantage of Waterfall 

  • This easy to use and manage software development model follows a sequential pattern which are similar for all projects.
  •  The project team can work on it directly without any training or experience to work with this model.
  •  Phases need to complete one by one and do not overlap.
  •  Due to the model rigidity, each phase has precise deliverables and a review process.


When it comes to taking a decision to identify the best methodology suits your startup between the Scrum and Waterfall, it depends on the scope, size, amendment and several other criteria in addition to the budget of the project. As in Waterfall model, you cannot go back and make any change; it becomes highly expensive for big sized and complex projects. Where in Scrum Model, there are no limitations for amendment; it becomes uncertain to define project deadlines. Moreover, team members need experience and expertise with dedication to accomplish the given task.

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