Which CCTV Camera Do You Need?

Security is very much a buzz word nowadays and we are often made aware of the need to be sure that we, and our belongings, are as safe as possible. While governments spend vast sums of money on protecting their citizens and other interests from terrorism and other threats, individuals also feel the need to protect themselves from more personal threats. Regardless of whether security is being provided by a government agency, or by an individual for their home or other premises, surveillance is one of the first systems that is used. CCTV cameras can be found at airports, shopping malls, museums, shops, pubs, restaurants and even in homes. There are numerous different types of CCTV camera available though and which one is best for you depends on your premises and personal circumstances. Here are some of the most common types of CCTV Camera that you are likely to find.

Box Camera

Also known as a bullet camera, the box camera is arguably the most common type of CCTV camera that you are most likely to see. Box cameras are often used in public places and when located outside, they are placed in a protective housing to protect them from the elements. They operate well over medium to long range and can also offer a good standard of clarity depending on the specifications of the particular model being used. They are very affordable and relatively easy to install.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras are most likely to be found inside and are best used when a good field of vision is required. They are generally smaller than other types of camera and can be installed tidily on ceilings, making them a popular choice for homes and offices when aesthetics are important. Dome cameras are largely inexpensive and fairly easy to install.

C-Mount Cameras

If you require a camera that has a particularly long view range, then a C-Mount camera may be just what you need. These cameras can be supplemented with special lenses that help to enhance view range and picture clarity helping you to see further and clearer. The specialist equipment used mean that you are likely to pay more for this type of camera.

IP/Network Camera

Most CCTV cameras are connected to a DVR which both records the images and transmits them over the internet. An IP camera, however, is able to broadcast the images independently without the need of a connection to a DVR. They tend to come with their own recording storage so the images they capture can be played back later if needed. Because these cameras require few cables for installation, they are generally easier to install than other type of camera.

Hidden Cameras

While most CCTV cameras will be installed in clear sight to act as a deterrent to any potential perpetrators, there is occasionally a need to have cameras hidden away to help gain evidence of any suspected wrong-doing. The cameras themselves tend to use identical technology to other types of camera, only they come with no casing, or casing that disguises them as something else. Hidden cameras tend to be inexpensive depending on which type of housing you are using, although installation can be difficult because it is important to ensure that no cables can be seen otherwise its presence may be given away.

With the range of cameras that are available. you should be able to find something that is suitable to your requirements. Bear in mind also that each type of camera will also come in models with different specifications such as image clarity, night vision and even facial recognition.

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