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Virtual Classroom: Incorporating VR Technology in Modern Education

Virtual and Augmented Reality are the two latest technologies that are selling like hot cakes. This is the new future that is going to blur the thin line of difference existing between Real and Virtual World.

The different sectors are finding ways to leverage the two concepts to their individual benefit. The Education sector is not far behind and is slowly catching up.

This is a very new added feature but has proved it’s worth both in imparting knowledge and training the young learners.

There are many software and tools that are involved in converting reality into virtuality.  

 Let me cite a couple of video examples of such Virtual Reality software and tools:


  • NeuroVR Surgical Simulator is a training simulator that functions on the basic concept of Virtual Reality to train their surgeons and trainee doctors or nurses on different methods used in surgery.  



  • Econoxy is an Indigenous software company that is involved in creating a virtual educational module for the young students.



  • Immersive VR Education ltd. is a software company that is involved in creating quality education process and enhance the learning experience for the students.


  • CoSpaces is VR tool that allows students to recreate virtual settings of the novel in their syllabus.


Both the VR and AR technology has opened up new avenues for the Educational and training sector, offering new methods and mediums to learn and gain practical experience which, otherwise, may have proved to be quite impossible and dangerous. 



  • Military training in virtual battlefield
  • Surgical training for young surgeons, doctors and nurses.
  • Learning about the Universe 
  • Going back into the history of Egypt, Rome or Greece etc.


Now the question is how the students and the young trainees stand to benefit from VR technology as the medium of learning??? 


Benefits of VR technology for Students in Training and Education:


  • Fosters social integration of learners and increase classroom participation- Increases the confidence level of the struggling learners and they will become self-assured tech experts. It will push them into participating with the rest of the class. 


  • Topics that theoretically impractical becomes conceivable in Virtual Reality- Students will not merely mug up words from their history text books but van actually relive the historical incidents mentioned in the chapters.


  • Enhances students’ motivation- The technology, especially game-based learning is highly engaging and goes a long way in motivating them. They get totally immersed in the game and face the challenges offered. It raises their interest level to study the particular topic that, otherwise, might have been boring to pursue.


  • Higher impact on the students’ mind- It is a common belief that visualization exerts greater influence on a person than mere words. Human mind can recollect 90% of what they do or reenact. Students learn a topic better if they visualize or practically experience the incident.


  • Raises interest level by simplifying the topic- It raises their interest by making the content engrossing and simplified. 


  • No requirement for field work- Things that are meant to be done en field, can be done within the four walls of their class, thereby reducing the need to indulge in fieldwork. 


  • Not possible in reality is achievable in virtual reality- It seeks to impart practical knowledge to the class without leaving the room physically. Rather than listening to lectures, students can put words underneath a headset and get a real experience but in a virtual wrapper. Virtual immersive environment allows students to experience any of professional and life application at the learning stage.


Not only the students and the trainees but also the teachers and trainers stand to benefit from the new concepts. If your student shows interest and willing participation, then teachers will also enjoy teaching them as well.


Summing Up:

 However, VR in education is still infant. Technology is fast advancing yet it has a long distance to cover before getting successfully embedded into the framework of the Educational Sector.


This particular technology is slowly expanding into other sectors as well such as Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate etc.

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