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Upcoming wedding invite trends in 2019

2018 is coming to an end and now we slowly have to gear ourselves for the New Year ahead. All those, who are planning to tie the knot in 2019 a big round of Congratulations to them!!!! May, your life be filled with happiness!! Now, we all know the panic that you might be feeling at heart while gearing up to the D day. Well, the best way to relax is to organize yourself. Start maintain a journal and write down what all needs to be done. The first step that you need to take is to select your wedding invitation.

Here are some latest trends in wedding invites that will surely rule in 2019.

Go for Unconventional Colors: When you are choosing your wedding invitation then think out of the box and go for unconventional colors. Go for a bolder or a mellower color that is not seen before. Like, if you are choosing Muslim Wedding cards then ditch the usual white and gold colored combination and maybe go for some bold color like go for a maroon or burgundy color card with navy blue font inside. The change in color scheme will be an instant hit with your invitee list.

Go for Envelope Liners: When you are choosing a wedding invite, ensure that you get one where the invite designer who also incorporates envelope liners. When your guest opens the invite , the first thing that catches their eye is the envelope liner.  The envelope liners add a touch of finesse to the invite and makes it alluring to look at. Say if you are Hindu wedding invitations,  you can add some Sanskrit Slokas on the envelope liner to compliment your wedding card and make it a fashion statement.

Go for hand Drawn Maps: You can also add a sense of mystery in your wedding invite by opting for hand drawn maps on the wedding card. Many cards have a map for the guests to easily identify the wedding venue. Instead of going for a boring map go for a hand drawn one to make it exciting. You can also personalize the map with your local landmarks to add to the drama. Think of Punjabi wedding invitations, where there is a hand drawn map showing where the venue is situated. The map is personalized with the closest Cholle batora shop and the venue is depicted with shehnai’s . Amazing right?

Go for Cloth Cards: The upcoming trend is to use cloth to make wedding invites. You can use amazing texture and colored fabric to make these amazing invites. Say, for a Gujarati wedding cards, you can use the typical white and red Panetar or bandani fabric to make wedding cards. This will be traditional and ethnic also. You can also go for kanjivaram fabric to make Tamil wedding cards.

So, keep these new trends and ideas in mind while looking to Buy Wedding cards online. These are the latest trends that are sure to rule in 2019 .. so do not miss the buzz but go ahead with them.

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