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Triwa Watches When All You Need is One Watch

After I realized the importance of having a great watch, I certainly started craving to have the classy one too. But when I looked at the scrap in my wardrobe, I decided that I want something classy to go with. So, I started searching for different brands and stores.  In other words I searched whole world of watches. There was always the same big issue!! And that was, when I used to find some attractive watches, those always have the heavy price tag.

However, I am proud that I continued my search for the perfect piece, which is why I proudly own my Walter Falken from Triwa. I must say that this $200 of investment hasn’t disappointed either me or my style in a long time. When I first sat my eye on Triwa’s amazingly lavish website,  I obviously wasn’t sure that it would go with my profile or not. But as soon as the options at their websites were exposed my mind was ready for the watch of profound character and maximum styling. Triwa‘s crisp and affordable time-pieces are perfect to use every day, not just occasionally. Shipping is free at Triwa and they offer 15% off sitewide coupon code all the time, check triwa promo codes at ClothingRIC. Besides Walter Falken, they have their Ivory Kalinga for the fans of minimalist and Sky Lansen for the lovers of gold details. For me both were the heart winners and gave me tough time choosing, ‘the one.’

Blue Eye Falken

Walter Falken

Snow Falken

Triwa Family Falken watches:
all watches original price are: 219 USD
Use coupon code to avail 15% off : Copy the code: Sage15 

For college students who can’t afford to pay $500 or plus for style, Triwa solves all problems (even, after you start your professional life). Also, as you will become the brand’s fan it wouldn’t be hard to notice that the same watch can function for travel, student life and even for a high profile look.

Blue Steel Nevil 2.0

Watch Detail:
1) Expressed in brushed silver
2)blue and brown Swedish organically tanned leather.
3) Just for: 299 USD

Sort Of Black Chrono

1)Imprinted markers and mini dials
2)gold plated details
3)Original price 389 USD

I got my eyes-fixed on this beauty. Gotta say that it has some manliness in its styling that just doesn’t let go after one look. Till now, it’s literally the best watch I have. The leather straps are soft and comfortable with of course the high class impression.

I have my eyes on their other collection too, but following the minimalist vibe, I plan to have it in some next phase of life. But sure I would recommend any friend any day to turn to this brand.

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This is John Spears from NY. He loves adventure and is always eager to learn more about the new culture and fashion around the world.

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