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Top 5 Facebook Messenger Bots

There was a time when everything was man-made; the hardwork that went into creating such things was unique and ethereal in itself. But, now times have changed and so has the technique – machines have taken over almost every aspect of our livelihood. People wither with age and so does their craft but technology keeps evolving. Facebook recently opened Messenger for mobile app developers to create their own bots for commercial purposes. 

Before we start exploring the best Messenger Bots available, let us look at what this all really means. Facebook opening its messaging platform in beta to chatbots from other businesses or mobile applications means that you will be able to interact with an AI – representative from a business within one of the largest social networks around.

This is a welcome diversion from the traditional one-on-one business meetings which often took hours to settle deals. Here, the bot will cater to your needs and offer you exactly what you want thus reducing time and energy. Moreover, you won’t have to install various apps to carry out businesss transactions, with messenger’s new update it can all be done with a single one. 

That being said, lets learn about the top 5 messenger bots available for use.


Tired of installing various news apps and scrolling through its interface looking for your desired news? Worry not! with CNN’s Facebook Messenger Bot all your woes will be answered. You can simple speak to the bot asking for your desired category and you’ll have an instant reply with your query.

It first asks you to select one of the following: Top Stories, Stories For You and Ask CNN. Upon selecting any one of them you get subsequent news articles in a Carousel format.


True to its tagline “give you a personal weather forecast that will make you smile, whatever the weather”, HiPoncho will make you laugh be it a hailstorm or a sunny day.

Poncho brings you the daily forecasts in the form of funny GIFs. Poncho's bot, which you can add by searching for Poncho in Messenger's search bar, is designed to be a helpful and often sassy weather expert. It can send alerts up to twice a day (if the user opts in) with the weather conditions and answer questions like "Should I wear sunglasses today?" 

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Couch potatoes rejoice! Order and get the burger delivered before it is even flipped. With Burger King’s Facebook bot, one can simply choose the items from the menu, the pickup destination and the estimated time and all you have to do is speak, the rest is done by the bot itself. 


Yes! All your Marvel dreams answered - All thanks to Facebook now, you have your own personal assistant right in your pocket. With Jarvis now, you will never forget to complete your tasks. Basically, you tell him when and what to remind you, and it sends you a relevant message at the proper time. 

This is a super easy method not to forget about getting small things done like call your granny, buy milk on the way home, etc. Right now, just confined to reminders, Jarvis has a lot of scope as a virtual personal assistant in the coming future. 


Twentieth Century has witnessed a flurry of concerns regarding deteriorating health statistics. Even though medical research is at its peak, lifestyle choices have depreciated over the years with fastfood chains and mobile being the biggest contributor. But, Facebook’s HealthTap Messenger Bot connects you with doctors via their network of more than 100,000 doctors in over 141 specialties. Think of it as a personal doctor available 24 hours of the day. 


Facebook has more than a billion users connected across its social platform and now even Messenger is reaching the billion mark milestone. Facebook has perfectly utilised the latest technology to create a monetisation scheme also enabling businesses to utilise its vast user base. Another advantage is the fact that you don’t have to download too many apps anymore- with a variety of chatbots available all your queries and requests will be fulfilled. This is true especially for mobile app development companies seeking to broaden their reach-clients can easily interact with a bot to give their inputs, feedback and requests. But, having said that there is a downside to this as well - businesses with not enough financial banking or traditional companies will not be able to utilise this facility and will be at a loss. 

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