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Top 10 Best Hair Curlers with Price in India

Curly hair is most convenient and adorable style on Indian women. Your natural wave of hair can be enhanced with the help of electronic curlers that are available in the market. Check the list of best hair curlers in India, which is compiled below according to price and quality.

1. Babyliss Hair Curler 271CE:

Babyliss hair Curler 271CE is one of the best products in the market in order to make you more beautiful and gorgeous. It helps to make accurate wave in hair or small curl as per your requirement. In order to spread the heat equally over the surface, ceramic coating is mounted in the curler machine. It offers a smooth execution of hair curling with uniform distribution of heat through heating barrel. In addition, a slim brush is housed with this tool in order to create softer waves or curls. It is priced at Rs. 800 to 1500 only.

2. Remington Ci19 hair Curler:

This model of hair curler is packed with cylindrical barrel that contains ceramic tourmaline coating. It feeds maximum heat simultaneously and conducts it to the hair making it easy for the user to create durable soft curls. Using this appliance, you can reconstruct your hairstyle and make a alluring curvy hair within a moment. It gets heated up within a jiffy of 60 second. It can give you the enticing finish by saving your time. The appliance is available in the market at Rs. 1500 to 1900 only.

3. Babyliss C20E Curling Iron New I Pro 200 easy Curl:

Babyliss C20E Curling Iron helps you to get lustrous wave in your hair within a small period. It is suitable for any kind of curl like loose curls, natural curls, or small curls. The machine consists of 10 settings of temperature, ceramic coating of professional titanium, built in stand and automatic shut off techniques, which made it idiosyncratic than others. By varying the temperature, you can easily avail different curl on your hair. The present market value of this curler is Rs. 3550 only.

4. Torlen TOR CS05 28 mm Hair Curler:

Torlen TOR CS05 28mm curler makes your approach of hair curling much more easily. Among the valuable features that this appliance is carrying, ceramic coating is important one as it prevents to damage your hair from heating effect. Without huge effort, you can experiment new style with your hair using this curler. Coating provides required moisture to your hair to keep it healthy. The counted value of this curler in market is Rs. 1200 to 1699 only.

5. Remington CI76 hair Curler:

Remington CI76 Hair Curler is most suitable one for instant styling effect. The rod inserted into this appliance, heats up in 60 seconds immediately after being connected with power socket. From the health concern of hair, it is also one of the convenient tools as the heating barrel is coated with ceramic, tourmaline and Teflon to provide sufficient moisture to your hair. Temperature setting is also provided with the machine curler and you can adjust the heat maximum up to 180 degree. The curler is worth of Rs. 1700 to 2500 only.

6. Remington KF20i Hair Curler:

Remington KF20i Hair Curler is a professional curler kit for excellent wavy style of your hair. It comes with 20 rollers that are wax filled and ensure the seamless curling of hair. In addition, ion mechanism is incorporated in this machine, which helps to control the static electricity in the volume of your curly hair. It leaves your hair looking shiny and glossy because the emitted negative ions help to remove the static electricity from your hair volume. It is available in the market at Rs. 2550 to 3550 only.

7. Philips HP 8600/60 Hair Curler:

You can avail the natural curly hair look using the appliance, Philips HP- 8600/60 Hair Curler. It consists of 32 mm tong, which make it different from other curlers. Temperature settings are already installed in the system. You can control the temperature with this and can set the heat to 180 degree C to get the exact shape or wave. Ceramic coating is provided with this pack, which can distribute the heat simultaneously through the barrel and can protect the hair from damage. It is priced around Rs. 1350 to 1500 only.

8. Nova 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and hair Curler NHC 990/00 Hair Straightener:

It is hair curler cum hair straightener comprises of several features. Using this tool, you are capable of making your hair volume bouncy and can make them healthy. Ceramic-patented coatings are provided with this curler to protect your hair from further damage due to curling. It is available in the market at Rs. 500 to 600 only.

9. Andis Professional Titanium Pro 3/4 inch Hair Curler:

Andis Professional Titanium Pro ¾-inch hair curler is well known for its temperature control and immediate effect. You can maximize the heat up to 230 degree centigrade and avail the desired look of long or small curl so fast. It can be heated up within 30 seconds and twenty various heat control settings are given with this set. It is available at Rs. 3199 only.

10. Conair Infiniti Curling Wand:

This appliance can get heated up to 400 degree Fahrenheit to offer ultimate finish in your hair style. It does not have any clamp, which in turn can curl your hair without heavy stress and as a result, hair damage is reduced. It gets heated up within 30 seconds and tourmaline coating prevents your hair to remain free from frizz.

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