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Tips on Writing Tamil Wedding Cards

Tamil Weddings are the weddings with the maximum number of pre-wedding rituals and go for around a week before the wedding. You will be stunned to know (if you're not a Tamilian) that around 60 percent of guests in Tamil Weddings appear to join these pre-wedding rituals as well and therefore, the writing of Tamil wedding invitations is done inevitably with the including of numerous of rituals, different timings, and others. Therefore, here's how you can write Tamil Wedding Cards

Choose printing option wisely

More often than not, the printing options of the south Indian Wedding cards depend upon the quality assured and experience of your designer to fulfill your requirement in the context of the same. However, to get your Tamil Wedding Card best of writing, first choose your printing option—if you're going for online printing or digital printing, make sure you've checked the reviews over the company's outcomes for Tamil Wedding Invitations. If you see some impressive reverts, go for the printing online. In case, you don't find any positive revert, skip the website and go for offline printing.

Pick up the native card designers

What happens is, a card designer who is not acknowledge to your culture, rituals, traditions or even language, he/she can never write a good Tamil wedding cards, reason being, a designer who doesn't actually understand the importance of words, themes and patterns and the history related it, the outcome usually don't work out well with such designers. Hence, make a wise choice while choosing your card designer. Therefore, it is advisable to pick a native card designer rather than one who is unknown to the Tamil culture and religion. This way you will get a psychological satisfaction that your designer won't make any mistake on the subject of words as well as the sentiments linked with them.

Mention specifics if any 

Tamilian weddings are full of pre-wedding rituals where guest appearance matters. Hence, don’t forget to double check the list of functions you're added in your South Indian Wedding Cards, these must be according to the time duration of the functions, for an instance, Naandi Sharadham comes before Nischayathram, therefore, put the details of Naandi Sharadham first and then that of Nischayathram. More often than not, reception is considered as the last function, although, some Tamil families also follow Sammandhi Maryathai where most of the guest's presence is entertained.

Font: keep it simple

Native Languages have their own magic of melting the hearts of readers, therefore, it is not always important for you to overthink on the subject of Font of the Tamil Wedding Invitations. The more you don't complicate it, the more it will become readable as it is not important that the guest is as good in reading Tamil as you're or only Tamil guests will receive the card. Keep the font simple so there's space to add a translation (in case, you're sending an invitation to non-Tamilian friends, collogues and others.)

"Smile because the perfectly written Tamil card is ready in 3 simple tips"

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