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Every time you are looking to get a job, there are so many different things which you will need to check. It is not an easy process and sometimes even after repeated attempts, people fail to get a job. This is why you need to start the training well in advance.

There is no end to the amount of questions which can be asked when you are headed for an interview. While it is not possible for me to predict each of the questions which will be asked, there are some common ones which tend to feature almost every time. Here, I am going to focus on one important question which is often analyzed meticulously – why should we hire you.

From the interviewer’s point of view

Looking at the interviewer’s point of view, this question is mainly asked to assess the kind of confidence the applicant has in his/her own skills. It is important for the applicant to be confident of who they are. If they are not confident of what they are capable of achieving, it would be hard for the company to get the most out of such companies.

So, when the interviewer asks this question, he wants to see how you justify your inclusion in the firm. Ideally, your answer should emphasize on the following points.

Team skills: gone are the days when interviewers looked for individual proficiency. The firms have come to realize that for an organization to grow, it is the team skills that make the right difference. So, you should showcase the kind of team building skills that you have.

Smart worker: you no longer need to be hard working to get a job. You should always focus on being a smart worker as that way you can get more done with consumption of fewer resources and that too in less time as well.

Leadership quality: it is important to have the right leadership quality because a leader is not responsible for his/her work but the overall team as well. This gives them an edge over other applicants because they will count for more than one individual.

Long term hire: also, it is important for applicants to showcase their ability to stick with the firm in the long run. No company wishes to hire someone who is in there for a short period of time.

If you can keep all these points in mind, it should give you a fair idea of how to impress your interviewer in an apt manner. Of course, you are free to explore more details and implement them. The bottom-line is that the answers should be convincing enough to help you get hired.

All the very best.  

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