The Resume Checklist

There are plenty of formalities which you need to take care of when you are looking for a job. First of all, it is the resume that assumes gargantuan importance. Until and unless your résumé looks perfect, there is no way your application will qualify for the next round. So, here I am going to share some critical insight into how to make your résumé stand out from the crowd.

The résumé format

First of all, you need to understand that your résumé should be tailored as per the right format. Some companies have a fixed style which they need the applicants to adhere to. If the company you are applying to doesn’t have a fixed format, you can stick to a professional one. Having a professional format with the right font style and size is extremely important.

The factual details

Further, you have to keep in mind the need to stick to the right factual details. Under no account should your resume contain any error because the presence of errors can cut down the chances of selection almost immediately. Along with the need to check the presence of factual errors, you should also ensure that the résumé is free from grammatical errors as well.

The reuse needs to be perfect and it should be so presented that it can create the right kind of an impression.

The skills

Thus is another important factor. The skills which you list on the resume have to be in tune with the job you are applying to. Ideally, the skills listed should be a blend of hard and soft ones. But, the order in which you list the skills is extremely important.

To check out the facts, you should go through the job description thoroughly. Then, you need to ascertain the skills that will be required for the job. While you can shuffle the order in which the skills are listed, it is important to have both the hard and soft skills. Regardless of the job type, you are applying to, both hard skills and soft skills will have to be implemented at some point in time.

The resume objective

Next, you should focus on the resume objective. When there are a lot of applicants for a position which doesn’t have that many vacancies, the selection panel might just check out the résumé objective. The résumé objective needs to be smartly written and it should highlight the skills which you can bring to the table. Your résumé objective needs to be smartly written and it should highlight the skills that are essential for the job.

Check these points, collect more information if needed and explore some of the best sample resumes so that you will have an idea as to what would look best.

All the very best!  

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