The Benefits of a Website for Your Business

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Creating a website for your business requires an investment of time and money. It is therefore legitimate to think about your return on investment before embarking on the project of creating your company's website with Edkent Media. This article explores the benefits of a website for your business, to help you decide if it is a necessary or useful investment.

Your company's website is a marketing tool. Thanks to a quality presence on the web, you will be able to convince new customers to buy your products and make use of your services. In other words, the basic purpose of your website is to increase your turnover.

  • Let us now go into the details of the advantages that a website can offer for a company.

Increase your visibility

Once your website is online, you have a presence on the internet day and night. Whether you are sleeping, cycling or drinking coffee, your potential customers can find you, learn how to reach you and discover where your business is located. They can also discover your offers and products, get an idea of who you are and simply start connecting with you through your website.

The basic advantages of an information-rich website

By building an information-rich website that details your services, products and approach to your business in a personal and professional way, you will get many benefits:

You increase your professional credibility by the clarity and quality of the texts (and pictures) of your website;

You have contacts with potential customers who are better informed (through your website) who already know that they are really interested in your products or services;

You have the ability to refer potential customers to your website for more information (this saves you from having to repeat the same basic things all the time);

The informative content of your site is also the basis that will allow your website to be well referenced in search engines like Google. (Two articles on this subject: the "Keyword" and its importance for SEO and Quality content generates trust on the web).

Time saving

Certainly, your customers always ask you the same questions. How much does this option cost? What is the delivery delay? What is the margin of error in your quotes? When will you finish the work? Plus a multitude of other specific questions related to the specificities of your products or the services you offer.

If your website answers these questions, when your potential customers contact you, they will already have read a lot of information about your services and products. This saves a lot of time in the long term, because when they contact you, customers are already better informed and the discussion can go to essentials faster.

Potential customers more advanced in the "buying cycle"

Since your prospects have already read your website, they have already had the opportunity to think about whether your services or products really interest them. So there will be a greater proportion of people truly interested in your products and services that contact you. You stop wasting time in conversation with people who are not really interested in what your business does.

Your potential customers come to you with more specific questions and they are already more advanced in the "buying cycle" that leads them to the decision to call on your services or buy your products.

A better professional image

When the use of the phone began to spread in the company, some businesses adopted it right away and others wanted to continue with the "proven methods of the past". Today, it seems unthinkable that a business does not have a phone number.

The situation with internet is similar. Today, in Toronto, there are a large number of companies that have a website. But there are also still a large number of companies that do not have a website...

Choosing not to have a website is like choosing to let a significant portion of your potential clientele turn to your competitors, this can be prevented with website design Toronto Company, owned by Eddie Madan

In a few years, all serious businesses will have a website in Toronto, in the same way, that all companies today have a phone number and use emails. If your business does not have a website, the question is simply how long you will let your competition use the internet at your expense.

You are free to make the decision to exceed your competitors through a modern, professional, intuitive and high-quality information website.

Establish a relationship of trust

Two scenarios are possible. (1) Potential customers can discover your business on the internet or (2) they can go to your site to learn more about your business and what you offer. In both cases, the key to the success of your website is to establish a relationship of trust with your visitors.

(1) Some potential customers can discover your website through a Google search, online or offline advertising, a link in an email or on your Facebook page. These are people who have never met you and do not know your business at all. Their first impression of seeing your website is very important. If you can convince them of your skills and the quality of your products by giving them useful and easily accessible information, new customers will soon contact you!

(2) Some potential customers have already met you or they have heard about your business by someone. But before deciding to invest money in your services or products, they would like to be certain that you are a serious business, that you sell quality products or that you have the skills to accomplish what they need. They also have a lot of specific questions. If your website answers their questions in a competent and helpful manner, if your website is compelling, you can deepen the relationship with them. They may have already met you, but now, thanks to your website, they see better "what's behind" your business, what you offer and it gives them the confidence to contact you,

If your website manages to win the trust of your visitors, it will become a powerful marketing tool.

Simplicity and efficiency of sales thanks to e-commerce

The Internet offers many possibilities to simplify product sales procedures. The most powerful of it is of course, the online sale. The investment to set up an online sales site is greater than for a normal website. But the return on investment can be extremely important:

You save the work of the person working at the checkout for all sales made online, since (almost) everything is automated;

People can buy your products at any time, regardless of your opening hours;

Your customers can buy your products from anywhere, provided they have internet access and a credit card (or other means of payment online);

The interface of your website can automatically generate a database of your online customers which not only allows you to manage orders more easily centrally", but also to contact your customers by emails to offer them other products by And further develop your long-term marketing strategy.

And much more. But I stop here because this article is not specifically about e-commerce.

Conclusion: Think about your return on investment

Creating a professional website is an investment. This means that the creation of a website or the renewal of an outdated website requires an investment of money and time against which you want a return on investment in terms of professional image and marketing Convince new customers) that will allow you to increase your turnover.

The importance of the investment required depends of course on the ambition of your website project. It also depends on the skills you already have within your company, in terms of creating content for the website you are planning to do: marketing skills, writing ability, photographer talent, etc.

It is therefore, important to have an idea as accurate as possible about the time and the internal skills that you can make available to the project of creation of website. Creating a good website requires active participation on your part, as only you know your own clientele and your website must be created to specifically convince your customers. (Click here for an article that explains why your participation is fundamental to the success of your website.)

It is also important that you have an idea of the budget you have for the creation (or renewal) of the website, as well as for its development (and maintenance) in the long term. The budget for the creation of the website is of course, more important than to maintain it or make it evolve thereafter, but it is important to take into account that a website cannot remain static without updates Of its content if it wants to be successful.

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