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Ten Easy Ways to Start Exercising and How to Stick to It in 2017

Pick a Starting Date

Picking a starting date is the first thing when working out. When you pick out a specific date the training that follows will stick. If it's a date that matters, you will be committed to sticking to the workout. Soon you will be able to remember how long you've been working out and when you say that you have been working out two months, then it will actually feel like an accomplishment.

Set a Goal

Each day set a goal related to what you want to do in a workout. It can be 20 minutes or up to an hour, as long as you don't overdo it. Running a 5K can be a goal if you are up for a challenge. Think of different things you can do in the gym, at home, or wherever. Stay on track with your daily goal and make it a habit.

Enroll in a Gym

This is for those who actually want to workout in a gym. I will talk about those who feel more comfortable at home later in this article. When you enroll in a gym, pick out a gym that suits you. Don't enroll in something that is intimidating and scares you away. Enroll in a gym that is worth your time and money. You can also invest in a professional trainer who will encourage you to exercise and motivate you to eat healthier.

Find a Workout Buddy

Exercising solo can be a confidence boost, but with a workout buddy it pushes you to not give up on working out so easily or being lazy with your routine. A workout buddy will have a common goal as you and together you can both push each other to be better, healthy, and happier. There are also training groups to make you more productive.

Exercise Gear

Buying yourself exercise gear can be a push in the right step towards training. You will soon realize that pushups and squats won't get you far. Invest in a jump rope, small weights, a cardio monitor, or even a vertical climbing machine in home. These alone can make you work harder and build your confidence.

Self Motivation

Don't tell yourself that you can't. Instead, say that you can! Exercising is hard and can wear you out, mentally and physically. When you feel down about yourself and feel like you can't keep working out, then you have to look at yourself and say, "I can do this!"

Don't Make Compromises

The moment you think you can skip a day and go back to it is a mistake. You begin to get lazy and your exercise will begin to feel more like a chore than a reward. 

If you want to get serious about working out then you have to be on the right train of thought. You need to push yourself forward and go exercise, because at the end of the day you will be glad you didn't choose the lazier choice.

Choose an Exercise that Makes You Feel Happy

Pick an exercise that can make you feel happier. Exercise shouldn't be unpleasant. Do not pick out gym weights or running because you think that is what working out is. Pick activities that fit your abilities and taste. If using a jumping rope is fun, do it. It is  a great cardio workout.


Think of the rewards that come with exercise. Better sleep, more energy than you had before working out, and an overall sense of confidence. Set up a reward system at the end of each day.  It can be simple like a bubble bath or an episode of your favorite television show. However, you must get those things at the end of a workout session. That's why they are called rewards, because you did a good job!

Think Outside the Gym

Does working out in a gym make you nervous? Well, think of some things you can do without going to the gym. There's hiking, rollerblading, rock climbing, kayaking, dancing, etc. There's much more than the normal swimming, running, and biking. When you workout away from the gym you tend to have more options. Maybe you can ask a friend to join you. To make this even more enjoyable, make it a game. Pair it with something you love such as hiking or photography. Dance as you do normal household chores. 

The choices are up to you!

These are 10 ways to stick to your exercise goals in 2017!

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