Supernatural Sticker Pack

Stickers from the show Supernatural on CW

Removable, individually die-cut vinyl

Ideal for smooth flat surfaces like laptops, journals, windows, walls etc.

1/8th" / 3.2mm white border around each design

♥ ---- ♥

The pack comes with The Impala, Castiel, Anti-possession symbol, Coach Dean Winchester, Castiel's handprint, Impala license plate, Ouija board and Castiel with wings.

Chibi Castiel

(86mm x 76mm)

Ouija Board

(102mm x 70mm)

Castiel with wings

(102mm x 57mm)

Coach Dean Winchester

(102mm x 57mm)

Castiel's handprint

(73mm x 102mm)

Anti-possession symbol

(79mm x 76mm)


(102mm x 65mm)

Impala Licence Plate Sticker

(102mm x 52mm)

♥ ---- ♥

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