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Simple Tips to use VoIP Services

It is hard to accomplish using traditional on-premise telephonic systems due to higher setup and maintenance costs, the need for hardware on-site and reliance on IT support. A cloud-based phone system, would enable small businesses to manage communication services in a less costly, more streamlined and agile manner. VoIP is very popular for client communication and being used by most of software and application development companies.

Fast Internet Access 

Slow Internet connections are not supported by all providers, also the voice and video quality suffers. A convenient Internet access for a monthly affordable rate is advisable. Whoever calls on the PC should have a headset with microphone. 

Train your Employees to New System 

You can boost efficiency by giving everyone a bit of training in using the latest features. Although, the best aspect of VoIP systems is that users don’t have to learn anything before using it, have a few informational and training sessions where they can learn about the more advanced features. This way you don’t waste time while people pore through the manual or website trying figure out how to enable a much needed feature. To maximize potential, their knowledge should include a basic understanding of how the hardware, software, and the data flow works. Be sure to encourage questions and test employees on the system after training.

Group Directory

This feature allows the users to search your corporate directory from the handset, making it quick and easy to find an internal contact and dial their extension. As it is a fairly common feature in phone systems these days, it is still a valuable tool in increasing efficiency. Additionally, many unified communications systems include a group directory integrated into their IM feature, allowing them to escalate an IM chat to a phone call with a single click.

Administrator Portal 

An administrator portal can only be set up by a super admin. An administrator portal can manage subscribers in the agreements that the super admin assigns to them. With a web-based Administrator Portal, your staff has administrative control to manage their communications system in their own time. The admin can log into their portal from any location to change call routing, reset passwords and more, on the fly rather than relying on submitting a ticket to their provider and waiting for them to make the changes.

Selection of VoIP Provider

Which model is best depends on one’s own behavior when calling. The comparison should be made as to what cost calls to mobiles and abroad. Customers need a supplier for VoIP calls. The VoIP provider, may or may not be identical to the ISP. It is a choice between flat rate for calls to landline and tariffs that are charged by the minute.

Installation of VoIP on Mobile Devices

VoIP systems give you the flexibility of answering calls on any device you happen to have with you. Taking advantage of this unique capability, instruct your employees to install the appropriate mobile apps on their devices like laptops, phones or even tablets. Now they can always remain in touch with each other and customers.


VoIP has made the procedure of new hirings very simple and easy. To get new CV’s and data save, its feature enables the staff to communicate with people in an instant to inform them about their hiring or the date of interview. Adding new employees, for example, requires the company to adapt its phone system to accommodate the need for more lines. VoIP manages auto provisioning, phones can automatically get their configuration settings from a server that has been setup in advance.

Free Calls and Messages via Instant Messenger

Freeje mobile app allows you to make local and international calls and text messages over a good internet connection without any roaming charges and taxes. Its offers Virtual Sim and Virtual Number through which you make calls and text messages for free. You can connect to your staff and customers. You can make number of audio and video calls and it wont charge you a single penny. It allows you to connect more than one person at a time all over the globe without any limitation. 

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