Purple Mattress Review And Discount

The Purple mattress manufacturer particularity in this 9.5 inch mattress is to give the best therapeutic support and pressure relief to the people who either have issues regarding their vertebrate or they are prone to such issues by using substandard mattresses. For this purpose, the manufacturer has ideally introduced the right and the top comfort layers to bring in the best support for the comfort seekers. Moreover, special consideration is given to its durability and sturdy performance for the users years after years.

Features of Purple Mattress:

It is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. The mattress is good for its therapeutic support which will diminish all your vertebra related issues and will also ensure that you do not develop any such issue over time. The overall thickness of the mattress is 6 inches where two layers are used. One is the premium comfort layer of 2 inches and the other one is the high density foam of 4.5 inches. Such a setting endorses comfort and support all your comfort needs while sleeping. The CertiPur-US certification will give you the confidence in investing in the right product which is endorsed for the quality of the material and performance. The product is offered with a 10 year limited warranty. Check pout more on the purple mattress review on Mattress Nova.


  • People develop a lot of therapeutic issues while using ordinary and substandard mattresses. This is ideal for its therapeutic support where it caters to the comfort of your entire vertebrate. Moreover, it will also eliminate any chances of developing therapeutic issues if it doesn’t already exist.
  • The soft-firmness of the bed also makes it a suitable option for the kids who actually are looking for something not too hard to get a comfortable sleep.
  • If you are worried about the right mattress to support your 300pounds plus the weight, then don’t be as this one will give you the right comfort that you want.
  • The price is affordable and worth all the features and value which this mattress brings up for you. People have become a fan of this mattress with so many references given just because it is well balanced in terms of price, quality and the overall value of the mattress.
  • It comes with a super useful warranty of 5 years. The quality and performance of the mattress system is endorsed by the CertiPur-US certification which this product holds.


  • The mattress lacks the ideal firmness which makes it a big ‘No’ for those people who like to have firmness of the mattress.
  • The strong smell from the foam of chemical may take 3to 4 weeks to fade away.
  • The quality in comfort deteriorates after a few months of usage, which raises some serious concerns for the potential buyers and the users using the foam.

Conclusion On Purple Mattress:

The 6 inch mattress has got all the rich componenets that you ever wish to look for in a quality system. The 5 years warranty, therapeutic support and the necessary satisfaction altogether put potential buyers in the right frame of mind in buying the product.

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