New Smart Glasses Adapt To Your Eyes

The advancement in technology is just about to eliminate the traditional bifocals. In fact, bifocals could be a thing of the past once we switch to the liquid lens smart glasses. According to a recent research from the University of Utah, smart glasses will bring everything into focus hence; there will be no need to have a separate pair of reading glasses. They will automatically adjust making it easy to view objects in short and long distance. The glasses will be the game changer thanks to the brilliant cutting edge technology.

The main feature

One of the most noticeable feature is the unique lens that use infrared light to measure the distance of the wearer and the objects through a meter bridge. A signal will then be sent to the lens hence adapting the focal length to where the wearer is looking. The smart glasses will be able to adjust and focus from one object to another in milliseconds. Each lens contains a highly refractive liquid and a flexible membrane. In addition, the glasses will use piezoelectric pistons to bring focus to any point along the way. Due to this feature, the switchable glasses will be convenient for farsighted or nearsighted people. They will have a range in between settings unlike the traditional bifocals.

How They Work

The lenses are able to stretch pushing the transparent pistons forward becoming more convex. Consequently, the beam of light passing through the lens is brought to focus. Likewise, when the pistons move back, the lenses become more concave. To respond to a person’s vision, the focal length change automatically detecting the wearer’s immediate environment. Further, they come with a companion app which will help the user enjoy other features hands free. On the other hand, one will require a prescription to calibrate the smart glasses lenses automatically using a Bluetooth. Through the micro-controller, the prescription information will be stored and the distance from the sensor will be measured. To achieve the desired curvature, specialized algorithms are used. One is required to update the companion app with new information when the prescription changes.


First, when the person’s prescription changes, one does not have to buy another set since the lenses can compensate for that. Secondly, it is possible to change the focal length making it easy to read a book without having to switch to your reading glasses hence; you can use them for the rest of your life. Thirdly, one does not have to struggle to focus on far and near objects unlike the bifocals which use two lenses in front of each eye. Further, they come with a battery stored in the frame which can work for around six hours before re-charging. In addition, the smart glasses will eliminate headaches and dizziness associated with the viewing forces since they will automatically adjust to your eyes.

The researchers are trying to integrate an eye tracking technology with the aim of giving the glasses better focus adjustments. According ForYourSite and Tim Salivan, an electrical and computer engineer from Zenni Opticals, the smart glasses will be in use in the next two to three years since they are yet to undergo the formal testing. They will definitely change the way we see through the unprecedented focus to objects.

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