New Internet Service For Utah Dwellers By Comcast

The announcement has been made by the Comcast regarding the launch of new internet service that will deliver speeds up to one gigabit-per-second for dwellers customers in Utah.

More Utahns are increasing access to the express path of the information superhighway as the Beehive State will be the first in the nation involved in a statewide rollout of super-high speed internet service from one of the hugest service suppliers in the country.  

On Tuesday, Comcast has announced the release of latest internet service that will deliver speeds more than one gigabit-per-second for residential customers during northern Utah. The company said lighting fast speeds will be over its recent network substructures starting quickly.  Meanwhile, if you’re a Comcast user then you can grab Comcast technical support 24 7 by getting in touch with professionals.

Merlin Jensen, area vice president of technical operations for Comcast shared the words, “With our 1 gig residential service, customers in Utah can take advantage of super-fast internet speeds using the existing wiring in their home,” also added, “We’ve been on a pace of doubling our network capacity every 18 to 24 months, which ensures that we stay well ahead of consumer demand, and we will continue to make investments in Utah.”  

Because the new internet service of the company will use existing communications lines, it has the possible for broad utilization in communities across eight northern Utah nations, according to Jensen. Recent or new customers can access gigabit speeds with the installation of the well-matched cable modem, he said.

According to Jensen, "(The) average speeds for the average residential customer is about 100 Mbps to 150 Mbps,” He also said, "(That) would download a two-hour movie today in about one-and-a-half minutes. Today, with that gig service, we'd be able to do that in about 8 seconds."

The separate rates for standalone gigabit service in Utah will be $160 (monthly) without a contract, he said. However, two promotional rates will also be checked in separate areas with a one-year service agreement. The company will check a $70 (monthly) offer in certain areas in Salt Lake City, Provo and North Ogden, along with $110 (monthly) provided across the rest of the state, he said. Extra rates and promotions may be checked in the coming time, added by him.

Mike Spaulding, Comcast Mountain West region vice president of engineering said, "The proliferation of connected devices inside the home is driving up the need for additional speed and bandwidth for connectivity throughout the home”.

While Utah is the primary state with statewide retrieve, others across the country will follow, Jensen said. CenturyLink and Google Fiber recently provide gigabit service in limited service areas in Utah. Rest if you’re Comcast user and looking for some precise and better Comcast support chat then you can get in touch with professionals.

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