Nailing The First Impression

Are you in a quandary regarding how to project the best impression when you are out for an interview? An interview is a very stressful job and on top of that, when you need to be mindful of how to project the right impression, how to conduct yourself and even answer all the questions in an impeccable manner, the responsibilities tend to get too much. However, do not press the panic button just yet. Here, I am to help you deal with the different ways by which you can impress your interviewer. Let us get started right away.

The first impression

We all know the power of the first impression. It is really important to come up with a great and compelling introduction because your inability to do so infers that the rest of your interview is likely to go downhill.

You need to make it a point to create such an introduction that your interviewer goes WOW. It isn’t impossible. Just mix the right facts, be creative, stay cheerful and confidence shall ooze from your personality. You shouldn’t repeat all that is written in your résumé as that would make for a boring introduction.

Ideally, you should focus on mixing things up and adding in a little about your past work, if any, the skills or talent you have and why you are such a great potential hire.

Dressing right

You should make it a point to dress right for the interview. This is one major mistake which too many people make. It is extremely important to be mindful of the way you are dressing. Until and unless, you know how to dress smart, it is hard for you to make a great impression.

Some interviewers do not mind the dress code as they are focussed more on your technical expertise and suitability for the job. However, you cannot know beforehand as to whether or not your interviewer would believe in the same logic. So, you should stick to formal and smart dressing.

Avoid nervousness

You should also make it a point to steer clear of nervousness because being nervous won’t help your case. Even if you are a little jittery, you need to take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Avoid nervousness at all costs as this can hamper the kind of image which you will otherwise perfect.

Weigh your answers

When you are answering the different questions, you should weigh it first before answering. Do not take too long a time and neither should you rush it. Both of them shows impatience and eagerness and is best avoided for the sake of projecting the right impression.

Keeping all these points in mind should help you project the right kind of an image. We hope that the rest of your interview will proceed well too.

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  • Bethany Heinrich
    Bethany Heinrich Mogul Influencer
    7mo ago

    What is the #1 piece of interview advice you'd suggest?

    What is the #1 piece of interview advice you'd suggest?

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