Music and Social Media with Christian Vind

What’s your backstory?

My name is Christian Vind, born and raised in Minnesota. All my life I dreamed of being famous for making music but I could never find the right people to work with to make it happen back in my high school days. Whenever I tried to find people to work with to start a music group or to be in one, they would laugh at me saying “Stick to your day job” “You don’t have rhythm” “Stop trying to be someone that your not” “You’ll never make it” “I don’t want you in my group” “Who does this person think he is” “You suck” “You’ll never be good enough” and was bullied all the time just for me being who I wanted to be. 

Years later, everything had changed for me when I watched Eminem’s movie 8 Mile. I had seen that movie before, but then watching it again, I had felt something tell me to chase my dream. Watching that film inspired me to go an chase my dreams and I told myself that if Eminem could do it then I can do it as well. I started searching for recording studios in 2014 shortly after watching that movie. I had went from studio to studio till I went to High School for Recording Arts after hours in St. Paul, Minnesota, to get my music recorded. Released my first EP Christian Vind The EP on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, etc in 2015 and then got some music videos done. The next step was to learn how to create a fanbase on social media.

 Once I figured out social media marketing, I started making money from that just by retweeting people’s content to help them gain more exposer by helping them expand their fan base after I got verified on Twitter and also helped people gain more organic followers to build their brands. How I got to where I am is by networking with celebrities and verified influencers on Twitter.  2016 is when I started performing, and one of my best performances was at the PourHouse in downtown Minneapolis in Minnesota. 

It was a great year for me, charted in the top 3-15 on the MTV Artist Website in the summer of that year when they had it on their website. Then I got invited by Republic Records and I attended the MTV VMA After Party in New York at Vandal, which got me to be on the red carpet. I feel like that helped my career a lot. In 2017, I stopped performing my old music to work on my new album and now I will be releasing it hopefully before the summer.

If someone would want to emulate your career, what would you suggest are the most important things to do?

If someone wanted to be a musician, I’d say to start with finding a producer to make beats tailored to your style of music. Practice writing songs every day, and always have a co-writer on deck. Register yourself under ASCAP or BMI. Find the nearest studio, get a manager, hire a publicist, and be sure to hire an entertainment lawyer to go to all your business meetings with you. The biggest key to being an artist is to have your own look. I would suggest wearing all black and then wear something colorful to make your outfit stand out. Once you got that down, I’d say find a photographer to do some photoshoots. 

That’s when you want to create a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. Don’t forget to make a LinkedIn page because it’s another great platform to network on. By having professional photos, people will take you seriously, and now just make sure you have a bio that catches people’s eye. And at this point, I would recommend you to get a professional website made. As far as performances go, it’s always best to hire a promoter that can get people to come see you at these shows or find someone that can get you to open up for major artists. If you want to get your music heard on major platforms such as ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, etc, I would recommend starting with TuneCore.Com. 

What are the most exciting projects you are working on now?

Currently finishing up my album. I should be ready to release it either in June or during the summer. I’m also looking for a new video production team to shoot some music videos for these songs from my album. I also have a hit song on Twitter called Champion, that has 138,000 views with over 1,000,000 impressions on it so far! I made that song for my bro who is a phenomenal Pro Wrestler, Dylan Bostic. What it here

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