‘Many Ways To Watch’ On Roku

Being a user of Roku you will be glad to know that Roku has added a feature called More Ways to Watch. Check out the following wordings for more details.

Home entertainment company Roku has made an announcement that a new software update goal at supporting users find streaming content or entertainment-albeit in a slightly eerie way.

In the newest software update for Roku TVs, Roku did the addition of an aspect called More Ways to Watch. The aspect uses a technology known as Automatic Content Recognition to identify and analyze the programming users are watching on a tethered device such as cable boxes. The Roku TV will then recommendations to programming on streaming services such as Netflix (NFLX, +4.25%) or Hulu- that users might like based on what their eyes catch from traditional sources.

Ilya Asnis (Roku senior vice president of Roku O) said, "Additional viewing options may include the ability to watch from the beginning, watch more episodes of the same show and/or view suggestions for similar entertainment available to stream,"

Roku sells an immense range of devices goal at grabbing users access to streaming services such as Netflix and others. Roku is best known for its line of set-top-boxes, which link to a television and provide users access to an immense range of games and entertainment apps. Roku also mixes its software in a range of televisions from Sharp, Insignia, and other sellers. It calls those televisions Roku TVs.

More Ways to Watch is only available on Roku TVs and not Roku set-up boxes. The company did not say why set-top boxes don’t support the aspect.

In a move that might dispel some privacy concerns, Roku did say that More Ways to Watch is an opt-in aspect, so users will need to power it on, so they can use it. Those who don’t power it on will not have their watching behavior analyzed even with the software update. More Ways to Watch can also be powered off at any time, Roku said in its announcement of the aspect. 

"Roku uses industry-standard methods of securing its electronic databases of personal information," a spokesperson told Fortune in a statement.

New software update of Roku is coming out with user device now. The company anticipates all supported Roku devices to get access to the software, which also comes with error fixes and other tweaks, by June. For more Roku updates stay tuned the official site of Roku and if you face any technical mess in your Roku then you can navigate to www Support Roku Com or simply get in touch with professionals. You can also take the expert’s help in case you find difficulty in getting Roku Link Enter Code. You will get the satisfactory and appropriate help from the Roku professionals and experts.

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