MissMalaprop Speaker, Artist and Author.
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MAKE ART womens graphic tee

This Make Art. Every. Damn. Day. graphic tee is a great gift for artists, crafters and #BadassCreatives. This WOMEN'S SCOOPNECK graphic t-shirt is custom-printed to order on your choice of t-shirt color.


Make Art. Every. Damn. Day.

That message has become my battle cry.

When my friend Veronica passed away suddenly at the age of 44, her death motivated me to live more fully, to honor her through the ART of living, rather than focusing on the act of dying.

Veronica was one of the most incredibly talented, multi-passionate artists I have ever known. The message that her death left with me is the same one I hope to pass on to you:

Make Art. Every. Damn. Day.

LIFE can be art in itself. The very act of living can be art, if you make it so. We must make art, every damn day.

Life is incredibly short. Live artfully. Leave a legacy. Treat life as your art.

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Speaker, Artist and Author.

As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about creativity, innovation, education and critical thinking skills. I believe in cultivating diversity, in all its forms. I believe that one person can make a difference and that everyone can be that person.

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