#LeagueOfLegends 6 Champs Who Are Frequently Banned In Ranked 5v5 Gaming

Perhaps you may wonder why you can’t select these champs on a 5v5 ranked game. It means there’s something on them, which others don’t. I was playing ranked 5v5 for this season, and this is what I’ve experienced for a long while. Maybe some of you wanted to play them in ranked, but you’ve got no choice due to the ranked draft mechanics of the game. 

Three bottom players from each team are allowed to ban at least one champ from the game. Based on my experience, these six League of Legends champions are commonly banned due to their “OP” abilities. 

Here is the list of League of Legends champions who are mostly banned by summoners in ranked games.

#1: Darius, The Hand of Noxus

This guy is one of the champs that you really don’t mess up with. Darius is played mostly on solo top lane, and sometimes as support to ADR champ. The reason why Darius was banned mostly on ranked games is due to his “super-tank” abilities and considered as OP (overpowered) during end-game. 

With his deadly combo skills, you can barely escape from this guy. Worse of all, there’s a little chance you can escape (if Flash or Ghost is still on cooldown) if he’s equipped with Frozen Mallet that slows the opponent for every basic attack. In my experience when facing Darius in a ranked 5v5 game, I really hated his Hemorrhage skill due to its massive healing ability for every champ that it hit. As a result, it’s kinda difficult for him to be annihilated during ganks.

If in case Darius was selected as your opponent in ranked games, here are some tips for you when against Darius:

  • Mid laners and ADR’s: Don’t get closer to Darius when he’s at full health. He’ll pull you with his Apprehend skill, and combines it with Crippling Strike and Hemorrhage. He keeps doing it until you get low life and finish off with the Noxian Guillotine skill (Slam Dunk for Dunkmaster, of course). When your team clashes, see to it that you’re behind the solo top, jungler and support for free hits. Darius may prioritize you than anyone else, so just keep your distance a bit from him.
  • Supporters: Do whatever it takes to protect the ADR champ, who is your main priority from Darius’ deadly combo. Your goal is to protect and support your allies. Don’t be scared to get killed, as long others are still alive and finishing opponents off.
  • Solo laners: When you are in a 5v5 clash, never focus first on killing Darius. But at least, you’ll hold him a bit until the rest of his “paper” allies are killed. Just like support, protect the mid laner and ADR from getting killed by Darius and his fellow allies. 
  • Junglers: During early game, try your best to gank Darius on solo top from time to time. After reaching level 3 or 4, you can start ganking. Xin Zhao and Jax are one of the easiest champs who can gank any lane at level 3 with all 3 active skills. If Darius is a support, prioritize their ADR champ before him.

#2: Annie, The Dark Child

She may be cute and adorable, but you may not wanna mess up with her in the end game. The reason why Annie was banned most of the time in ranked games is due to her deadly skill combo. To give you an idea about Annie’s deadly combo, the Pyromania passive skill is the center of it. For every 4 spells she cast, the next one will completely stun the opponent for a short duration. 

When her Pyromania is up, she will cast her ultimate (Summon: Tibbers) which causes massive damage and stun opponents in a small area where Tibbers is summoned for ganking purposes. Not only she can combo it with her Disintegrate and Incinerate skill, her allies will dive through it and finish off opponents. Not only she’s annoying in late game, but on early game as well. For sure, you’ll gonna hate her when she’s around. 

Here are some tips you could use when facing a dangerous little girl like Annie in ranked games:

  • Mid laners and ADRs: When you gank Annie, make sure that you bring along a support with you. Maybe solo top and jungler could help you a bit, but it’s the support who really helps you the most due to his or her supporting abilities like healing, protecting, slowing, etc. 

As a mid laner, avoid getting hit by her spell with Pyromania passive skill. If you have difficulties facing her in middle lane, just tower hug and ask help from your allied jungler to gank her for you. In late game, make sure you equip yourself with Zhonya’s Hourglass or Banshee’s Veil to block or prevent Annie from completing her combo towards you. 

As an ADR, make sure that you place a ward on the upper bush of your bot lane. From there, you are aware that Annie’s hiding in the bush with your invisible ward in it. Keep your distance from her when she’s planning to attack, and let the support cover you up. Don’t forget to ask help from someone, especially those allies with the teleport skill to assist you in killing Annie. You need protection items like Banshee’s Veil (spell blocker) or Guardian Angel (partial life after death) to stay a bit longer in the battle.

  • Supporters: Do whatever it takes to keep your ADR alive (depends on your champs skills and spells) from Annie’s deadly combo skills with Pyromania passive skill.
  • Solo laners: Although ADR’s are being prioritized most of the time, but Annie’s a big threat. You’re going to prioritize attacking Annie until she dies before striking other opponents. 
  • Junglers: At level 3 or 4, you can choose any lane to gank whatever suits you. But if Annie is around, you might want to prioritize her first. Be sure to ping your allied mid laner for a gank, so that he or she will prepare for it. 

#3: Zed, The Master of Shadows

To be honest, Zed is one of my favorite solo and mid lane champs. But as an opponent, I really hated this guy. You know why? It’s his passive skill, Contempt For The Weak. When you’re below 50% health, he can deal between 6 to 10 percent as bonus magic damage. Not only that, he can kill you almost instantly with the Death Mark as long you’re below 50% health. On top of that, Zed can deal more damage to you if he has the Thunderlord mastery skill.

This is why Zed was too “OP” and dangerous in-game, and was requested mostly by summoners to ban this guy from being selected. In case Zed was picked, you can follow these useful tips based on your role.

  • Mid laners and ADRs: Sad to say that you’re easy to get killed by Zed. The best way for you is to avoid him at all costs. In my experience when playing against Zed in a ranked game, I see that he prioritized either mid or ADR by activating his death mark on them. Not only he activates it, he’ll use his other skills like Razor Shuriken, and Shadow Slash to continue further damage to them for an instant kill (or a huge damage if you’re still alive). You can avoid getting killed by using Zhonya’s Hourglass or an active Banshee’s Veil if you’re alone or in a fight. 
  • Supporters: Same objective like facing Darius. 
  • Solo laners: If Zed is on solo top lane, your goal is to put pressure on him by spamming skills. Get help from your allied jungler when ganking on your lane. Prioritize killing ADR, mid laner and champs with healing skills (e.g., Soraka, Sona, Taric, etc.).
  • Junglers: Same like ganking on Darius (but he may never be a support-type champ).

#4: Garen, The Might of Demacia

To be honest, Garen is a basic champion. No mana or health cost is needed to activate his skills like Katarina, Yasuo, Tryndamere, Rek’sai, Rengar, etc. He may be a basic champion, but he’s hard to beat in the end game. Just like Darius, he’s one of the toughest champions you’ll ever face today. He can spam his skills freely due of no mana base, unlike Darius that he needs mana to activate them. 

In case Garen wasn’t banned and was picked, you can use these tips against him.

  • Mid laners and ADRs: You’ll probably become an easy target of Garen. His Decisive Strike skill increases his movement speed for a short duration. Not only that, he deals damage and silences you for a few seconds. When you’re silenced, you can’t cast skills to deal damage, counter or escape from him. Furthermore, he’ll use Judgment skill next to continue dealing damage to opponents. 

Just like Darius’ Noxian Guillotine skill, Garen’s Demacian Justice ultimate skill can kill you instantly with low life. Just do whatever it takes to keep your distance away from him. Use Zhonya’s Hourglass or an active Banshee’s Veil if necessary. 

  • Supporters: Same objective while clashing with Darius or Zed.
  • Solo laners: Same objective while facing Darius or Zed in the top lane.
  • Junglers: Same objective in facing Darius either on solo top or support lane. 

#5: Leblanc, The Deceiver

To be honest, LeBlanc is one of my hatest opponents in a ranked game. I admitted that when LeBlanc wasn’t banned and getting selected by opponents, I told the mid laner to pick Fizz, Veigar, or Ahri at all costs. But if not, LeBlanc is hard to get killed due to her “magic tricks” (especially her Mirror Image passive skill, I hate it except when Warwick is around with Blood Scent skill). 

When playing LeBlanc, she’s difficult to master (until now I’m still confused). For summoners who have strong experience in playing LeBlanc, you and your team could be in big trouble. This is why you’ll hate her as an opponent and may request allies to ban her for good. 

You could use these tips once LeBlanc is your opponent in ranked games.

  • Mid laners and ADRs: LeBlanc’s deadly combo starts with Ethereal Chains. When caught and stunned, LeBlanc uses her Distortion, Sigil of Malice and Mimic for an ultimate combo kill. If you’re caught, try your best to keep a distance away from her despite its slowing ability. If not, you’re toast. For mid laners, be sure you use Zhonya’s Hourglass at a perfect time. I’m afraid that Zhonya’s Hourglass and Cleanse spell isn’t gonna save you due to her Distortion and Mimic skills (plus Flash spell if she have), unless both of these skills are in cooldown. Banshee’s Veil could save you a bit, but only a small chance. You definitely need a support who can protect you at all costs. 
  • Supporters: You should do everything to protect your ADR from LeBlanc’s deadly combo. Pour out your item’s shield abilities (e.g., Face of the Mountain or Locket of the Iron Solari, etc.) to your ADR on top of your protection skills. 
  • Solo laners: She’s not Annie, you know? Annie has no escape skills (except if she uses Flash), but LeBlanc does. Don’t ever think about prioritizing her, because she can escape with her Distortion skill. When you chase her with Distortion is on, she can reactivate this ability to go back to the original position (I was like ARRRGHHH when she’s doing this). Not only that, she could reactivate Distortion again through her Mimic ultimate skill.  Instead, prioritize killing ADR opponents before turning on LeBlanc. 
  • Junglers: She’s not your priority either like solo laners. At level 3 or 4, put your best to gank her if Distortion skill is on cooldown. You need to communicate with your mid ally first for a ganking plan on LeBlanc. Your mid ally could bait until LeBlanc uses Distortion, and that’s where you can strike to kill her or she’ll retreat.  

#6: Fiora, The Grand Duelist

Lastly, Fiora is another League of Legends champion who was mostly banned from ranked gaming. She may be weak at first, but very annoying and deadly in the end game. Furthermore, her damaging abilities are very lethal, using her own combo. I admitted that when facing Fiora in top lane, she puts pressure on it due to her harassing skills like Lunge and Blade Work. On top of that, she can block incoming skills towards her and stab opponents with Riposte. 

She can dive at you on your tower with her Grand Challenge ultimate skill once your life is low. Once she successfully hits you four times or killed you with her ultimate skill, she automatically activates a healing area around her and Lunge to escape. Now that’s pretty sick!

If your opponent chooses Fiora in the ranked draft selection, here are some tips that you need to apply based on your in-game role.

  • Mid laners and ADR’s: Just like Garen, Zed and Darius, you are an easy target. Avoid or keep your distance away from Fiora while battling as mid laner or ADR. You are Fiora’s priority, so do whatever it takes to stay away from her while doing free hits and spells to other opponents during clash mode. 
  • Supporters: Same objective while clashing with Darius, Garen or Zed.
  • Solo laners: Same objective while facing Darius, Zed or Garen in the top lane.
  • Junglers: Same objective in facing Darius, Garen or Zed on top lane (she can’t be a support-type champ for Christ sake). 

Oh, and one more thing…..

Be sure that you have the best gaming motherboard equipped to your PC for best performance and stable internet connection in playing ranked games. You don’t want to get your allies involved in lowering your ELO for playing on a PC that’s poor in gaming performance and internet connection, right? Also, you may need to know where to buy smurf accounts for a head start in competing with the big dogs immediately.

Although it’s up to you, but this is recommended for improved gameplay. I’ve learned this when I tried one of my friend’s gaming PC. I noticed some performance improvements while playing the game. 


Now you know why these League of Legends champions got banned mostly in ranked 5v5 gaming. If one of them is lucky enough to avoid from getting banned by summoners, you or your allies should pick immediately. If they’re the ones who picked these commonly banned champs, prepare yourself to counter them by using these numerous tips against them. However, there’s no perfect champion in League of Legends. Each champion has their own weaknesses, and it’s up to you in finding ways to counter them.

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