Teyxo Urban Fashion by Lara Popa
7mo Romania Product
La Dolce Vita with TEYXO!

Step into the colorful and playful world of the urban fashion brand - TEYXO - with the daring, ruffled and outstanding designs from the new collection, "La Dolce Vita"! The sunny and breathtaking Sicily is the background and even more, the scene of this new summer collection that for sure caught the attention in the vibrant island. From ruffled skirts to cropped tops and extravagant genuine leather bags, this new collection is one of the most impressive ones that TEYXO has ever launched and it for sure caught our eye this year with the energized "Jazz Up!" collection, the edgy "Urban Muse", the colorful and vivid "Rise" and the intimate and bright "The French Kiss" collection! "Brighten up the streets" - as TEYXO's motto says and explore the brand new "La Dolce Vita"!

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Urban Fashion by Lara Popa

TEYXO is an independent brand that creates edgy and playful clothing for women. Since 2014, Teyxo has offered a wide variety of products from asymmetric dresses, tunics and coats to plus size pants, vests and tops. Mixing outstanding designs with quality fabrics, we create a wide range of colors [...]

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