Keep The Pounds Off With The 3 Best Fitness Trackers

Feel like you’re getting a little bit on the heavy side? While shedding off those few extra pounds is definitely one the hardest parts of achieving any fitness goal, your efforts actually don’t stop there. Once you’ve reached your desired weight, the next step would be to maintain it, which frankly, we know, is way easier said than done for those who aren’t aware of the latest and most efficient in wearable fitness technology. Yes, we’re talking about the fitness trackers!

Activity tracking at its best! The fitness tracker helps in monitoring the distance you’ve walked, the calories you’ve consumed, your heartbeat, and, in some of the latest models, even your sleep. Tracking all of your daily activities can go a long way to keeping you from gaining all that extra weight. Why? Because, it actually ensures an increased awareness of what you’re doing to your body; what you need to do more of, what you need to eat less of, habits you need to quit, hours of rest you need to take, and other essential information you could use to keep those pounds off and eventually develop a healthy lifestyle.

These days, all people really need to become more active is a little encouragement, not only from their friends and loved ones, but also their very own devices; from technology that delivers facts and actual figures. This is what opens their eyes and inspires them to make a change for the better. If you want to shed some weight, need help in maintaining the ideal figure, or just want to keep those pounds off, all you need to do is rely on the consistent data provided by quality activity trackers.

Some of you may already be more than happy with your weight and simply wish to maintain that number. While there are certain factors, the main one being lifestyle adjustments, which may cause it to fluctuate, the important thing is that you’d actually know how to settle into these adjustments and find balance between the level of activity you need to engage in and the weight you wish to keep.

If you’re planning on purchasing a fitness tracker of your own, make sure you’re well aware of the models that are considered the “the cream of the crop” in activity-tracking technology. What makes these products so great is that they create absolutely no hassle and you’d actually be able to maintain your weight without doing anything drastic, especially when you’re not ready for such a change.

Awareness! Awareness! Awareness! That’s all you really need. A steady and consistent way to track your activity and consequently keep those pounds off, can be done much more conveniently with the help of these incredibly fine models of fitness trackers. Go ahead and take your pick!

Samsung Gear Fit2

What’s so great about this is that it doubles as a functional smart watch and is perfect for those who simply want to shed those pounds and aren’t really after all the training insight featured in all the other models. It’s water-resistant for up to a depth of 1.5meters which means you don’t have to worry about getting it wet and best of all, its advanced heart rate monitor and barometer encourages you to do more walking and even take the stairs more regularly. Overall, it’s perfect for slowly but surely helping you maintain your desired weight.

Fitbit Charge 2

You’ll definitely be able to take charge of your day with this one. It has a little bit of everything required to help you maintain your weight and may even keep you from gaining. Every step you take will be counted, encouraging you to walk more often; floors climbed will be tracked, pushing you to take the stairs more than usual; and it’ll indicate the length of time you’ve been active and the amount of calories burned while engaging in your daily activities. It’s has a no-stress, no-bother kind of technology that would fit just right with your everyday routines.

Fitbit Alta

While it has most of the features other fitness trackers have, the one thing that gives it the edge is its ability to recognize everyday activities such as walking, running, sports and working out, categorizing them in the Fitbit application’s exercise section. It’ll actually push and encourage you to do more of these activities consequently keeping those unwanted pounds off you in the best possible way. For simple and accurate activity tracking, this light and comfortable device is definitely the one for you.

Did You Know?

It’s actually possible for you to program your very own tracker – one that is customized to your everyday fitness needs! Yes, you read it right, with the advent of modern technology such as that of Raspberry Pi or Arduino; you can now create an activity tracker with all the features designed specifically for you. Keeping those pounds off has never been this easy, convenient, or affordable. And best of all, you get to do it all by yourself.

Whether you’re using your own self-programmed tracker or any of the highly reviewed mainstream brands, ultimately, it would still be up to you to put in the effort and actually do something productive with the essential data this technology offers. Once you accomplish that, the results will come fast and furious.

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