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Iontophoresis is a reliable treatment method in the cure for abnormal sweating. This medical condition is termed Hyperhidrosis that severely troubles the daily activities of people that suffer it. They are forced to cope with frustrating situations which include the lack of ability to shake hands with excessive sweating, spots on shirts or dresses as a result of sweat or issues with excessive sweating and also bad smell on feet. Hyperhidrosis frequently causes personality discomfort such as inferiority complexes, social isolation, and fear of contact. It is predicted that around 3% of the total population worldwide are affected by hyperhidrosis.

This method of treatment does not rely on medications or surgical skills, an easy task to apply only needs a unit of iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis Devices

Most of the devices for iontophoresis treatment at home are available in the market. Some of the devices make use of direct current (DC) while the most advanced iontophoresis devices use or can operate with pulsed current (PC). Professionals strongly recommend the usage of pulsed current devices, thus allowing users to complete higher intensities without distress. An easy guideline in iontophoresis is that the higher the electric current, the lesser the maintenance periods. It is an incontrovertible fact that pulsed current (PC) devices lead to a lesser amount of sensitivity to current. Based on this lower sensitivity, the frustration it could cause is lesser and better results can be attained. Pulsed current devices are ideal for those with hypersensitive skin and children. Moreover, they could be advised in the treatment of armpits considering that higher intensities are used without distress.

How does Iontophoresis work?

Currently, it is still complicated to understand the way in which the technique works; it's believed that the current and also the mineral particles used in the water appears to work microscopically on the outer layer of the epidermis halting the glands through which the sweat streams. Once the flow of sweat is stopped, the formation of sweat on the palms dries out suddenly. Iontophoresis has been revealed to have a huge success rate among people that have excessive sweating on the hands and feet. The success percentage of iontophoresis, as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology, is approximated to be over 83%.

To successfully administer iontophoresis treatment to affected people they are urged to feel, either with their feet, hands, or both immersed in two trays with water. The hands and feet should be soaked up in the water for a variable time; the iontophoresis gear will transfer a soothing electric current all through the water as well as the body.

The technique should be continued for at least five to ten days until the excessive sweating is lessened to the degree that the patient is untroubled. After this process, the patient will need to perform weekly or monthly routine maintenance to prevent the reappearance of excessive sweating. Water quality is crucial when attempting the treatment, in places with soft water it may be important to put sodium bicarbonate to the water to support the flow of the electric current. If the water consists of few mineral salts, it makes - the flow of the current through the skin difficult.

Precautionary Measures

Even though iontophoresis is incredibly powerful and useful for treating excessive sweating in the hands and feet, there are many conditions when they should not be applied. In pregnant women, people with epilepsy, people with heart disease, and those with metal implants are advised against iontophoresis. All jewelry must be taken off before using the technique, abrasions, and wounds should be protected.

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