Impressing despite the weakness

When it comes to a job interview, there are plenty of different things which you need to be mindful of. Your interviewer will subject you to plenty of different questions and you need to be prepared to handle all of it. While I cannot talk about all possible questions which you may be asked, there are a few common ones which tend to feature almost all the time.

Here, I am going to shift my focus on one single question – what are your weaknesses. This is an extremely important question and you should handle it impeccably. I am going to give you some of the best tips which will help you smartly handle this question.

Analyze the reasoning

You should try and analyze the possible reason as to why you are asked this question. Think of what your interviewer wants to hear. One of the key things they want to analyze when they ask you about your weakness has to be how good you are at talking about your weakness. Each one of us has some kind of weakness because it is not possible for a single individual to be proficient in anything and everything.

So, you do not need to be embarrassed by your weakness, but you should make it a point to ensure that none of your weakness is too huge and it shouldn’t be a flaw. If it is something minor and it can be worked upon, it is safe to list it as a weakness.

Do not make the mistake of listing all neutral weakness as it is a shady technique. It often depicts that you are trying to hide your real weakness because when you have come to an interview, it is important to list at least one weakness pertaining to your professional career. This will give you the right head start and you should be able to project the right impression as well.

Further, you should show the kind of attitude that says that you have it in you to work on your weakness. When you are willing to channelize your weakness to strength, it should help you become a good potential candidate.

Every single thing is meticulously analyzed and so you need to keep in mind these details and work accordingly. It is all about creating the right kind of an impression which will make your interviewer think that you are definitely a good asset for the firm.

When your interviewer believes that having you on board will be great for the firm, they are a lot more likely to hire you. So, choose the best of skills to handle the question; work on your weakness factor and then be all set to get the job.

Feel free to get more ideas and then come up with your own logic.

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