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How to Monetize Mobile Applications to Earn Big

With the increase of Smartphone users, every business is launching its official mobile application.  But it is not mandatory to have a business to earn from mobile app. If you are a mobile application developer, you can launch your application and can earn from it. Here, we are going to list some methods to monetize mobile applications. According to the data, there is an increase in mobile applications in recent years. If you are not sure, you can read the detailed study to grow business from Mobile App vs Mobile Website.

There are mainly three operating systems you can launch your mobile application. Out of these 3, android is most famous due to large user base and after that is iOS, though the data differs geographically. So, you need to define your target audience first. We have crafted an article on the differences between these 2 platforms; you can read iOS or android Application  for more info.

But there is maximum probability that you cannot master the programming to develop an application for both ios and android. But there is no need to worry, you can either hire a mobile application development company or a freelancer form various websites like fiverr, freelancer etc.

Once your application idea is completed, you need to work on “how are you planning to earn from it”. Some of the monetization methods are pointed out below. Remember, the monetization is approximately same for both of them. 

•In-app Advertising (Free with ads):

One of the most used methods to monetize your application is to use advertisement in your application. You can either approach to direct advertiser or can apply to various sites for cpc, cpa etc offers for mobile apps.

•Paid Apps:

You can make your application paid after sometime. It means, to use your application, user will have to pay some fees. You can also make it like trial offer for 1 week free and then pay to use further. For example: if you have a gaming app which have levels, you can make 10 levels for free and after that, user will have to purchase the app to unlock more levels. 

•In-App Purchases:

In this approach, you application will be free but there will be some perks that will only available when user pay for them. Like lives, hints, premium services, etc.

There are other ways to earn from mobile app. Mobile app monetization is one of the crucial thing to decide if you want your application to go long way. Maintaining an application is also a tough task and that needs money. Dealing with bugs and updating the app is essential for long run. We hope this article will help you increase ROI of mobile applications and you earn maximum in future.

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