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How to Make the Best Impression with Gujarati Wedding Cards?

Gujarati Weddings are more than perfect, they're fun, classy and last but not least, religious. Thus, to buy one of the perfect Gujarati wedding cards, you must know if the card is willing to make the best impression or not! Follow the following aspects to see if the card you're choosing is perfect in every respect—

Use Native Language

What does define your respect towards your religion, culture, tradition, and respect towards your relative and the bond you're sharing with them than your native language, Gujarati. No matter what else language you're considering to use, if Gujarati is not there in Gujarati wedding invitation, it is not going to make any good impression. It is advisable to pick a wedding card designer who is acknowledged to your native language. Alongside, you can hire a writer who has majored in Gujarati.

Pick light weighted wedding invitation 

Gujarati Wedding Cards online come hardly with a mention of weight. Although, the weight of a card depends upon the number of textual content cards you've added to your card. Moreover, if you're choosing a paper which is comparatively thick than normal papers, your card is going to be inevitably overweight. To pick the light weighted wedding invitation, don't hesitate to ask your wedding card online consultant about custom details like weight.

Keep it simple but attractive

Over decorated Gujarati wedding cards are never impressive. Undoubtedly, some non-professional wedding card designers take designing as decorating, however, the designing of wedding card has nothing to do with decorating, even so, imparting an attractive look to the card in the simplest manner. Never choose to stuff your card with more than 2 kinds of 3d decorative like motifs, outlines, stackable, and furs. Try not to pick more than two three dimensional decorative, it is moreover decorating as well as overweighing your Gujarati wedding invitations.

Put Gurati wedding Quotations (shlokas)

If you're a religious person and more into rituals, you can adapt to put Gujarati wedding quotations on your card (not more than 2 quotations). Ask your mother or your grandmother regarding what quotation expresses your tradition better. Moreover, you ask your pandit or any person who is more into religion in this aspect.

Pick the right color

People think the dull colors highlight the textual content on the card in a better and so they end up ruining the complete design of the card as neither the textual content looks good with dull color and nor the card wholly. Therefore, to pick the right combination of color, always choose two contrasting colors. For an instance, if you're putting a bright color like white, pink, or sky blue as card's primary color, choose a contrasting color for that of text and vice versa. The right combination of color brighten ups the mood of the reader and obviously, they'll make up the mind of presenting at your wedding in first place.

"Impress your Gujarati Guests with what's best!"

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Gujarati Wedding Cards

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