How To Get Verified On Instagram, Facebook And Twitter

@Socialmarketingcents has been producing the best SEO results for brands, individuals, companies and corporations of different kinds. Based on Paris they work internationally with clients from all arround the world, from small deals to luxury deals with big names all arround the market.

They understand that your business are unique, that is why they approach to each of the projects individually, and come up with smart solutions and put efficient strategies among all other SEO agencies. @Socialmarketingcents has been on web marketing sice 2012 helping you compete on Internet and converting your visitors into your clients, on 2015 they got certified all arround the globe by the leading providers on whole internet, making the name @socialmarketingcents even bigger.

Right now their services can go from branding, traffic, social services as instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, mass e-mailing,etc.

On 2017 they discovered a new method and @socialmarketingcents started verifying instagram, twitter and facebook accounts, being the only company on the world with this kind of service and counting with a 90% sucess rate on it.

Keeping up the great low cost prices with high qualitity services, they count with big names of business industry as clients.

@Socialmarketingcents can grow your engagement with high-qualitity services guaranted!This means business, real organic engaged followers. Their motto is to offer the service with the highest quality at the lowest possible price in the whole market. For less than 1 cent you can reach alot of potential new clients, for your brand, company, product.

Not enough for your SEO needs? Want to do something bigger? Theres no problem! You can contact them on

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