How To Choose a Good And Healthy Mattress

Given the nature of mattresses, they tend to be located in rooms where dust can be present in considerable amounts, putting your health at risk. Although it’s not a serious threat to the health, dust and parasites can cause some troubles which can make you feel uncomfortable or sick. That’s why it’s important to choose a healthy mattress, made of materials that have not been linked with health issues. For example, in the stores you can find mattresses made of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). This chemicals are applied to prevent the flammability and lowering the risk to catch up fire during an emergency. These toxic chemicals have been used for more than 30 years, and they’re a widely used product in the industry. From electronics to mattresses, the PBDEs are present in a lot of products. You’d like to know there are 3 kinds of these chemicals

  • Penta / octa are chemicals which are no longer produced in the United States. after some researches and studies, scientist discovered this kind of PBDE is very toxic, and the government decided to withdraw components with penta/pcta PBDEs from the market. Unfortunately, dozen of tons of products with this chemicals are still in homes and offices
  • Deca PBDEs are still used commonly. TV cases are products that contain frequently deca PBDEs. It is estimated that more than 27 million tons of this chemical are used in a year, only in the United States.
  • Deca PBDEs are expected to be used even more widely thanks to the government approval. These PBDEs now meet federal fire safety standards, and that’s why some mattresses contain Deca PBDEs

Choosing non-toxic componentes

The problem here is that these kind of components are toxic and can hurt your health in the long run. The constant exposure to petroleoum-derived products is probably not a good idea. Fortunately there’re a lot of natural and healthy alternatives which will provide you with the rest you need without exposing you to toxic products. For example, you can buy mattresses which contain less toxic components (a futon mattress might be a good idea). If you already have a mattress which contains PBDEs, use a wool or latex pad to cover it. Pads are a good way to keep toxic components away, isolating the volatile particles and protecting you from them. This solution is effective and cheap, so you’ll need to consider it as an extra safety layer.

There are some companies producing mattresses with less toxic components without losing comfort in the process: basically they’re trying to improve their production process to include alternative materials, safer for person’s health. When you go to your retail store, ask for a PBDE-free mattress: they’re usually made of latex, organic cotton, or wool (quick tip: wool is a naturally fire-resistant product). Check out our top mattress reviews.

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