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How Far Google's I/O 2017 Announcements Met With Users' Expectations?

Speculations has been building up for quite sometime concerning one of the biggest event of the year. 

Google has just drawn the curtains on its' much awaited Annual I/O developer conference  scheduled on 17th May of this year. Some significant announcements have been made in the summit. However, it is important to understand how much Google has met the expectations that came up post the previous year's Summit and its final outcome.

Final Outcome- The key announcements of 2017 conference

Let us get a comparative view of the speculations and the results of I/O 2017.

1. More updates on Android O:

Expectation- We all expect a more detailed update on what new features Google is planning to include in Android. The first alpha developer preview of Android O was already released in March 2017.

Outcome- New features are going to be included to Android O.

  • Picture-in-picture support that enables users to shrink a video into the corner of the screen to use the phone while the video still plays on.
  • Notifications- Notification dots are tiny chat heads for notifications.
  • Smart Text Selection- It allows a single tap to select long phrases like web addresses.
  • Google Play Protect- A virus checker that scans through apps to stop suspicious or malicious files from entering the system.
  • Play Console Dahboards- Analyses for issues that may cause excessive resource consumption or battery drain.
  • Android Go- A new and a lighter version of Android O.

2. Augmented Reality-Project Tango:

Expectation- The Tango technology, launcehd by Google in 2014, creates a completely            customized 3D world via depth sensing and motion tracking, over the physical environments of users.

Outcome-(VR-AR)- Google announced an unnamed Daydream-compatible, wireless VR headset with built-in positional tracking.

Introduced visual positioning service using Project Tango to locate yourself indoors.

3.  YouTube:

Expectation- There was hardly any speculations for YouTube.

Outcome- YouTube supports 360 degree content on the Tv. There is a Super Chat that allows users to donate money to the creators during a live stream. Developers can create new features via an API for Super Chat.

4. Google Home & Google Assistant Home:

Expectation-  Google is expected to announce several new, high-profile partnerships and collaborations to expand the capabilities of Google Home. The usability of Google Assistant in Home may be enhanced. Google is serious about entering the IoT domain. 

Outcome- New features added to Google Home:

  • Proactive Assistance:  There will be reminders, traffic alerts, flight statuses and other relevant information.
  • Hands-free calling:  You can make calls via Google Home, and it will recognize your voice.
  • Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer:  Streaming music services will show up in the next few months.
  • Visual responses:  Google Home will respond to your questions using available screens when appropriate. For example: it will send directions to your phone, or show your calendar on your Chromecast-connected TV.

5. Google Photos:

Expectation- People expected to get new features updated in Google Photos.

Outcome- 'Suggested Share' is a feature that can suggest with whom you can share your photos with. 'Shared Libraries', is a feature that will allow you to automatically share your personal pictures.

Apart from these announcements, Google has disclosed some new invents that we can expect to see soon in the near future.

  • An automated-response feature called Smart Reply is added to Google Mails
  • Hands-free calling device to dial your personal number on getting your message and detects your voice.
  • Visual Positioning Device will guide you to indoor locations using its Tango AR platform
  • Cloud TPU or tensorflow processing unit will help developers to build their own AI-powered tools and apps.
  • Google is taking on Linkedin with job listings and show results on jobs available in your locality and surrounding areas.

Summing Up

This is basically a developer's conference and it included such announcements that will benefit the developers in building their app on the Android Platform such as Firebase, Google's Cloud Tools and Android Studio.

We just have to sit back and see how far these announcements will convert into actual inventions cause this year conference did come up with some really unique updates that we all will be eagerly waiting to see them turn into reality.

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