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Get Tickets Today For The Oliver Scholars Gala Coming In May

The Oliver Scholars Annual Gala will be held on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at the IAC Building located at 533 West 18th Street in New York City. The organization will honor Ryan Speedo Green, a renowned Bass-Baritone who recently returned to the Metropolitan Opera in the iconic Zeffirelli production of La Boheme, and who embodies Oliver Scholars’ ethos of transformation through high-level achievement. 

Lynda Baquero of NBC 4 New York will serve as Master of Ceremonies. The event will also honor the Oliver Scholars graduating class of 2017. This is the organization’s 4th annual Gala.Year after year, the Oliver Scholars Gala brings together over 250 philanthropists, fashion moguls and business executives for an evening celebrating the power of education to change lives. The funds raised by the Gala support the organization’s comprehensive classes, workshops, college tours, and leadership development programs that prepare students for the accelerated pace of independent schools and prestigious colleges. These are the programs that will alter Scholars’ futures forever and help propel them forward toward lives of leadership and service.


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