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Often talking about your own self is considered by many as one of the toughest things to do. There are so many of us who can speak for hours on an end but when it comes to giving your own introduction, you tend to stutter a little. Ever reasoned as to what is the key reason behind it? The answer lies in the fear of being judged.

We are a little skeptical of how others would perceive us. What if they do not like the image which we project? The mind can be both your biggest friend and your worst enemy as well. This is one reason as to why you need to know how to best handle your introduction. Another incentive for you to master this art is because it is highly likely to be the opening question for any interview.

There are very rare cases wherein you are not asked to introduce yourself because it is an introduction which starts the interview. So, if you are not confident enough to speak about yourself, how are you ever going to impress your interviewer with your answering skills? This is why I am here to help you in this regard.

I have interviewed a lot of people and even had long conversations with too many of them while offering the best interview tip. What I am going to share with you is something which I deduced after hours and hours of thoughtful study and consideration of plenty of different parameters. Let me get down to the real dynamics now.

Cheerful personality

You must have a cheerful personality when you are talking about yourself. Of course, you will be presenting yourself in a positive light and in such cases; your personality should match your answer. Someone who tells that he is happy-go-lucky with a straight face is least likely to make a good impression. So, let your personality do the work for you. Dress smart, wear a little smile and look at your interviewer in the eye – this in itself will help you win half the game.

Keep it short yet interactive

Do not go on and on as far as your introduction is concerned. The interviewer isn’t interested to know who you dated in high school and how many times did you nurse heartbreak. You need to keep it professional and at the same time, try to keep the interviewer hooked. If your interviewer is impressed with your introduction, he will conduct the rest of the interview with a positive vibe. So, the way you set the stage is really crucial for your own well-being.

Check out other vital tips if you want, but in my opinion, these should suffice for coming up with a great and powerful introduction. Take your time but have an answer that sounds convincing even to your own ears.

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