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Jan Johnston Osburn Mogul Influencer | Career & Life Coach | Helping People Turn Dreams into Realities
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February Special - $100 Off of the “Design Your Destiny” Coaching Program

Four-Week Transformation Program

I’m running a February special for $100 off of my “Design Your Destiny” Coaching Program.

This coaching program is based upon one simple concept: You are entitled to live your dream.

When you know there’s something out there that you crave but you can’t seem to make it a reality, it’s incredibly frustrating. When you feel like you’re living life without really living life, it makes you feel even more frustrated.

While many coaching programs focus only on goal-setting, this program is more than that. I’m here to help you transition that frustration into powerful motivation and action that will propel you forward so that you are living your dream in real-time reality.

My coaching program is focused on our life’s journey and not simply the end result. We all want to meet our goals but if you can’t grow and walk away with a new sense of personal awareness during that process, you’ve missed the mark.

This is a holistic coaching program that revolves around personal growth and self-awareness that helps you clarify and understand:

  • Where you have been and how that has impacted how you live today
  • What things you need to let go of in order to create change and peace tomorrow
  • The ideal life you want to live
  • How you will go about creating a path that leads you to that ideal life
  • What obstacles you have to overcome before they try to block you from your path to success.

And, it’s fun!

It’s an exciting four week program that sets you on the path for the next stage in your life and career. It will help you step into a more confident and capable version of yourself. Success is right around the corner.


While I coach both men and women, I designed this program with women in mind. This program is ideal for:

  • Someone who has a dream and they want to make it real
  • Career Changers
  • Women who feel like they are at a transition point in life
  • Women who are trying to create a new path in life
  • Women who feels “caught” in a certain stage or bored with their current life direction
  • Women who need the extra support and motivation to jumpstart their success


  • Renewed, Revived, and Energized
  • Excited to take this next journey in your life
  • Clear about your goals and how to tackle your goals
  • Supported and Confident
  • Challenged to think about life with a new perspective
  • Ready to live the life you crave


It’s a great day when we find our purpose in life and I believe that my purpose is to help others discover the power they have to create positive change in their life. It’s a gut-punch when I hear people tell me that they feel stuck in life or they are bored and feel like they have no options.

That’s not how life was meant to be lived.

You won’t get any “salesy” type approach with me. That’s not who I am. I care. I am genuine but I am candid. If we can’t be honest with each other, how successful will our sessions be?

That’s what makes me successful. I cut through the BS and get to the heart of what matters – you.

I would be honored if you would consider me to be your coach. I’m successful when you are successful and I like success!

For more information: http://janjohnstonosburn.com/career-coaching and you can contact me at: [email protected]


We all walk this earth together and I know that sometimes life throws up a few surprises along the way. I am donating 20% of all profit from my career coaching, resume services, and my upcoming book to charity. More information about my charities can be found on my website here: http://janjohnstonosburn.com/charity

Thank you for walking this path with me. Together we will create a positive impact for everyone!

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Jan Johnston Osburn
Mogul Influencer | Career & Life Coach | Helping People Turn Dreams into Realities

Johnston Osburn is a Career and Life Coach who helps people turn dreams into realities. After years as a Global Talent Acquisition Professional, she realized how frequently people limit themselves because they lack belief in their abilities. They are afraid to dream, let alone dream big. [...]

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