Diamantina Clarke
Diamantina Clarke Marketing Director at D3 Marketing Group LLC
8mo Hayward, CA, United States Product

Ladies, this is what you have been waiting for! Cherish Premium Daily Use Pads are designed with 8 layers to keep you feeling fresh, dry and protect you for hours on your busiest days. Cherish Premium Day Pads, while ultra-thin, include a super-absorbent and safe polymer that is up to 10 times more absorbent than conventional pads and holds more than 300 times its own weight in liquid!

The unique negative ion strip has many proven health benefits including possibly reducing pain and inflammation and may help to neutralize unwanted odors. Now you can maintain an active, carefree lifestyle during that most sensitive time of the month. With Cherish premium pads, you’re going to Love the Way You Feel™.

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Diamantina Clarke
Marketing Director at D3 Marketing Group LLC

About D3 Marketing Group LLC… D3 Marketing Group LLC was created to have one place for you to get inspiration and motivation, and information on an amazing work from home opportunity. About Diamantina… I’m a mother of three wonderful sons (Dexter, Branden and Jerry) and grandmother to two [...]

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