poetgirl1954 Poet/Author/Producer
7mo Highland Mills, Woodbury, NY, United States Product

Sunday, March 26, 2017

3 - 6 PM

The Seligmann Center

23 White Oak Drive

Sugar Loaf, NY 10981


Karen Corinne Herceg and 8 guest poets read from her new book OUT FROM CALABOOSE released by Nirala Publications; live music and refreshments. Come celebrate with us and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of literature, music and community.

In this collection, Herceg brings us her life and all its many emotional truths, some ugly, some beautiful, but all revealed with restraint--so that by book's end, we are left in wonder. 

--Linda Gray Sexton, author of Searching for Mercy Street: My Journey Back To My Mother, Anne Sexton and Half In Love: Surviving The Legacy Of Suicide

Often it is a pronounced sense of wonder that makes poets like Karen Corinne Herceg.

--Janet Hamill, Poet & Performance Artist

Out from Calaboose is a marvelous, skillful, and evocative work.

--Dr. David B. Austell, Columbia University 


This is a remarkable work, a Virginia Woolf moment stretched into a book of poems, or a Whitman’s rumination that refuses to come to an end, enamored as it is by life’s ongoing rush.

--Yuyutsu Sharma, Himalayan Poet & Author

Out from Calaboose is a terrific and powerful book without a misplaced syllable.

 --Richard Martin, Poet, NEA Fellowship Recipient

With rich metaphorical descriptions, Herceg’s honest writing bridges the gap between cultural subconscious and personal experience.

--Zoe Siegel, Lunch Ticket, Antioch University


With deft craft and convincing imagery KCH deals with the void of change, the world and social disintegration. She says something! Happily, she is far from any current obscurantist mode.

--Roberta Gould, Poet and Translator


The poems are like quilting squares—each stands alone, complete, but hinting at something larger. Each poem reveals just enough without telling too much and without slipping into sentimentality. All quite an achievement.

--The Writing Disorder

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Karen Corinne Herceg graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a B.A. in Literature & Writing and has graduate credits in editing, revision and psychology. A recipient of N.Y. State grants, she has featured at major venues such as The N.Y. Public Library, The Queens Museum, The [...]

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