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Book on Artificial Intelligence

I was browsing at the library and came across this book, arguably one of the best I have ever read on the general topic of robotics. Written by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, it delves into the roots of Artificial Intelligence, beginning with the very first computing systems and ending with modern innovations, such as autonomous vehicles. Often, people passively acknowledge "machine learning" or "neural nets" as a technological buzzword but this book explains it so that anyone, regardless of expertise, can understand the logic behind the innovations. 

I personally enjoyed reading about how robotics progressed from its early days, such as the AI winter or top-down vs bottom-up approaches, or how early robots stumbled around race tracks. It's written in a way that covers all of the necessary information but strays away from difficult technical vocabulary, and even has relevant humor to keep anyone engaged. I myself have read it several times and highly recommend for anyone hoping to broaden their insight into this field.

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Prerana is a senior at Mission San Jose High School who is fascinated with computers and artificial intelligence. Currently, she is an intern at UC Berkeley's HART Lab where she works with sensors in AI research. She is co-captain of Transformerz, her all girls robotics team, and also the VP of her [...]

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