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Blue in the Holidays?

Fall, the most beautiful season, its start wraps up the craziness of summer and begins the “most wonderful time of the year,” the Holidays. For many, the Holidays are full of gifts, elaborate food, amazing deserts, friends, songs and of course family.

Family, besides school and work, is probably one of the biggest stressors in our lives. Love them and hate them all at the same time? With Thanksgiving approaching, you can’t help but be excited to see your family but cringe at the thought of the drill of questions about your life. “what are you studying? How are your grades? Why don’t you have a 4.0?” Reading these questions probably made your blood pressure rise significantly but it’s important to take a minute and embrace the situation. If you are stressing out thinking about the holidays while buying your plane ticket home for Thanksgiving, remember to try these ways to relieve your stress when you get there.

  • Go for a run! Literally! Exercise is the best way to deal with stress and a great way to clear your mind.
  • Hang out with your friends. Our friends understand us and how we feel and are always great listeners. Talking about how you feel always makes you feel way better after.
  • Retail therapy. Who are we kidding? You know this is going to happen, with Black Friday the day after why not take advantage of those super sales and reward yourself with your favorite things all while saving a buck.
  • Shrug it off! Hey your family raised you for years, they have a right to know a little bit about what you are doing in your life. Give them a break! You know that if you had a child you would probably be asking similar questions too! Think about your favorite family rituals and memories, and don’t dwell on temporary stress.

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