An Insight to the Indispensable Quilt Covers

Getting into a newly made bed is right there with scoring the winning goal in a football match or winning the lottery, it cannot be beaten! In all honesty, though it is essential that when you're buying a new quilt cover you get the perfect one, otherwise it just won't carry out that same fresh feeling like the time you first get in it.

When the moment comes to give your bedroom an easy and quick revamp, quilt sets can be a cost-effective means of doing so. The main advantage of selecting a set is the fact that you will get a pack of matching items that can quickly tie a whole bedroom together. They are the best way to give your spare or main bedroom a new lease of life and not having to traipse around looking for single items that match each other.

One of the most popular among the Quilt cover is the Super King Quilt Cover. Super King Quilt Cover is becoming more popular than ever due to their wider size. If you would like your living room to look much better and foster that warm and comfy atmosphere, purchasing a super king quilt covers will absolutely do the trick. The ideal Super king size quilt covers will surely brighten up your room.

The main reason Super king quilt covers and quilt became the latest trend in bedding is due to the wide variety of mattress depths out there. Lots of King & Queen mattresses feature wall depths as deep as 60cm. In addition, there is also the huge popularity of bed mattress pillow top thicknesses, if you've upgraded your mattress to the higher pillow top mattress you'll be pleased to see that the larger size Super king quilt covers and quilts will cover the bed beautifully.

What filling should I choose?
Your first option is between natural and synthetic. Quilts made out of natural fillings - silk, wool, feathers or down – are usually more breathable (thereby well suited for all seasons) they usually last longer, at times up to 30 years. The most light-weight are the ones with down filling – perfect for insulation because they trap warm air in and always keep cold air out. However, feather fillings are often heavier, as a result of the quills. You can still get a combination of both. Nevertheless, while they are not good for allergy patients, both wool and silk fillings are of course hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Although most synthetic fiber-filled quilts are not durable (generally not more than 10 years), they're usually more affordable and, unlike most natural quilts, can be washed in the machine. There are many options, each with different characteristics, so make sure you shop carefully. Examples are classic hollow fiber (plump, springy, warm), quad fills hollow fiber (lightweight), micro-fiber hollow fiber (feels like down) and circus hollow fiber (breathable), just to name some. And don’t imagine that synthetic duvets are inexorably inferior.

How to clean your quilt
Make an effort to wash your quilt every 4 months, nevertheless always check the label first because so many natural quilts will be dry clean only. if it is made for the washing device and there’s a certain stain that needs taking out, shake the filling off from that area and make use of a mild detergent prior to loading it into the drum. Be sure there’s sufficient space within the washing machine for the quilt to easily fit in first though.

Apply a normal spin setting to launder and allow your quilt to air afterward until it is totally dry. After that, run a warm iron over it to get rid of any remaining bacteria.

It is easy to keep your quilt clean for a long time though by investing in a quilt liner or protector. These zip up over the quilt to ensure that it stays fully enclosed and extend its life, and also protect those who experience allergies.

Types of Quilt
Summer-weight Quilts: In summer time you would like a lower tog rating. The reason is the higher temperatures imply you won’t need so much insulation. Go for anything below 7 togs to keep cool and have a great night’s sleep.

Winter Quilts: As the cold temperature hits, night time get much cooler and you’ll need to feel comfortable in bed with a warmer quilt. Opt for 10.5 togs or above to always keep the chill-out.

All-season Quilts: These quilts cater for every weather by providing two quilts in one. You will have a low tog and moderately higher tog alternative, say 4.5 and 9, to use in the summertime and autumn/spring respectively. you will be able to fasten them together by using the button features to set up a 13.5 tog quilt for the winter season. This also indicates you have an extra quilt for most of the season, which can be very helpful for any house guests.

Sizes and Dimensions of Quilt Sizes
To understand the different sizes and dimensions of quilt covers following chart is presented:

For UK Bed Sizes
Bed Dimension and Required Duvet Cover

UK Single 90 x 190 cm or 3ft x 6ft 3in... Cover (135 x 200 cm)

UK Double 135 x 190 cm 4ft 6in x 6ft 3in... Cover (200 x 200 cm)

Euro Double IKEA size... Cover (200 x 200 cm)

UK King Size 150 x 200 cm 5ft x 6ft 6in... Cover (225 x 220 cm)

Euro King IKEA size... Cover (240 x 220 cm)

UK Super King Size 183 x 200 cm 6ft x 6ft 6in... Cover (260 x 220 cm)

Europe Bed Sizes
Single 90 x 190 cm... Cover (150 x 200 cm)

Double 140 x 200 cm... Cover (240 x 220 cm)

Super King 200 x 200 cm... Cover (260 x 220 cm

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