Am I a Functioning Alcoholic? Find Out Now

Functioning alcoholics can manage life – finances, employment, marriage, it’s possible when you’re a functional alcoholic. Could you be one?

Could you be a Functioning Alcohol and Not Know it?

When you think of an alcoholic, you probably picture a person who sits alone all day, drinking himself or herself half to death. You may think these people are incapable of doing even the most basic tasks. However, this is not the case with functional alcoholics.A functioning alcoholic is a person who can carry out their daily routines without exhibiting any signs of alcoholism. Functioning alcoholics have extremely high alcohol tolerance levels and will rarely, if ever, raise any suspicions about their drinking habits. With this in mind, it’s difficult to convince these people that they need to seek help. How do you know if you're a functioning alcoholic? We have come up with a profile of someone who is likely to be suffering from functioning alcoholism.

Are You Still Drinking Like a Student?

Almost all students consume high levels of alcohol during the course of their studies. Many people would agree this is a perfectly normal stage of growing up. You can notice if you have a problem after you continue drinking like a student even after leaving university and getting employment. While most of your friends have moved on and settled, you’re still living the 'party lifestyle'.

Are you Able to Hold Your Alcohol?

Functioning alcoholics easily consume high levels of alcohol while exhibiting a few signs of being drunk. You will most often come out as the 'happy' drunk. The chances are you do not suffer from hangovers and can spend a whole night drinking and still attend to work the next day. Of course, some people are naturally resistant to the effects of alcohol, so do combine this characteristic with other items in this list before coming to any conclusions.

You're Always the First One in the Bar

A person who is suffering from alcoholism will always be the first one to suggest visiting a bar after work. If you are for any reason delayed, you end up becoming angry and/or irritable. When you get to the bar, you will usually consume the first few drinks quickly. If you're that person who gets angry about the fact they have to stay late at work because they cannot drink, then you're suffering from Functional alcoholism.

Do You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms?

As a functioning alcoholic, you may not experience the symptoms of being drunk, but you can and do experience withdrawal symptoms. If you fail to drink for a certain period, you will start shaking and sweating. You may also become bad tempered. Due to the fact nobody assumes you have a problem with alcohol, you wrongly associate many of these symptoms with high levels of stress.

You're Always Joking About the Amount of Alcohol Consumed.

It is not uncommon to see people mentioning the drinking habits of functioning alcoholics. You can notice a problem through how you respond to these jokes. You will often joke about the amounts of alcohol they are taking in. Furthermore, You and your drinking buddies will always brag about your drinking abilities. Drinking jokes are always a regular part of your humor. Always talking about drinking makes drinking the focal point of your life. Someone who spends a lot of time with you will likely notice gradual changes in how you talk about alcohol over time.

You have Started Exhibiting Signs of Declining Health

Even the most tolerant alcoholics begin to suffer in the long-run. Watch out for the following signs of declining health

• Tiredness

• Insomnia

• Restlessness

• Bad breath

• Cracked tongue

The above signs depict a collapse in your alcohol resistance and you need to seek the help of rehab clinics more than ever. As a functional alcoholic, you cannot keep up with your habit forever. You will start experiencing a decline in their health which eventually leads to health problems.

You're Always Living in Denial of Your Status:

If you notice that your family members are always finding time to convince you to visit alcohol rehab clinics and rehab centers, then chances are, you're a functional alcoholic. Most functional drinkers don't believe they have a problem and people around them (who are their drinking buddies) likely don't think they have a problem either. If someone tries telling you that you have a problem, He or she will likely run into resistance from your drinking friends, as well. The signs of serious alcoholism will not kick-in until you're are much older for this reason. By the time you finally seek help, there is a good chance you have already sustained severe levels of internal damage.

The above signs show that you have a functional drinking problem and it a high time you need to seek help. A vast majority of functioning alcoholics will never go out of their way to find help for their addictions. Although it will take you quite some time to get yourself the help you need, it will be worth it in the end. You will be able to cure yourself and get sober.

This article is brought to you by Ocean Hills Recovery, a California addiction treatment and advocate for quality care in recovery.

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  • Sarah Fein
    4d ago

    @Randall A. Richards 81 this is important. I sadly have known an alcoholic. How do you help someone to get help if they have a bad temper or are in denial?

    @Randall A. Richards 81 this is important. I sadly have known an alcoholic. How do you help someone to get help if they have a bad temper or are in denial?

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