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9/11 Hostile Intend by WM Allen

I have just read a novel, Hostile Intent by WM Allen and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share it here on Mogul.

If your life was touched in any way by 9/11 then Hostile Intend is for you

If you love suspense, drama and some hot scenes that rips you from reality and make you gasp for air then this is a must read, a must have and a great gift for all your friends who share your passion for a great thrill.

Hostile Intent is one of those magical books that keep you in suspense, while the author expertly weave, drama, trauma and thrills into a magical experience moving you from one chapter to the next unaware of time.

I am convinced that some opportunist will see the magic of this amazing book and turn it into a Block Buster soon for all to enjoy.

The main character in Hostile Intend, Colonel Patrick O'Malley is a strategist, a tough man that calmly deals with any situation and leads his team like a master through all kinds of situations.

This is a fabulous book, a big thumbs up to you Mr WM Allen; a lot of research went into this book and it is evident, the writing style is excellent, yet an amazing and fascinating novel.

Mr WM Allan thank you once again for Hostile Intend, I love, love, loved it. Keep up the great work.

And no I am not earning any commissions from the sales of this book, it is just worthy of your attention :)

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